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100 days after his resignation, Trump’s support is softened in NBC News polls

WASHINGTON. – He left the office, he still complained about the election results on Twitter. For the last 100 days, Donald Trump has been treated kindly.

His rating among all adults is 32% favorable, 55% unfavorable, which is lower than the January rating (40% favorable, 53% unfavorable among registered voters), as well as where he was in the polls just before the election (43% favorable, 52 percent among registered voters are unfavorable).

For comparison, President Biden’s current favorable / unfavorable level is 50 percent positive, 36 percent negative.

Even Trump’s attraction within his party seems to have diminished. 44% of Republicans say they are more in favor of Trump than the GOP, while 50% say they are more in favor of the GOP than the former president.

This is the first time since July 2019 that the party’s supporters have surpassed Trump’s supporters in our poll, and it is the first time that the party’s supporters have reached 50 percent on this issue.

Numbers It is possible that these numbers are coming because Trump’s perception of the pull within his party could not be stronger.

GOP politicians are still walking towards Mar-A-Lago. They shout for his approval. And House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy continues to hug Trump, even after the January 6 incident.

But about 100 days after leaving office, Trump’s position, both nationally and within his own party, is weaker today than it was three months ago.

Now we know what you are probably thinking. As the 2020 polls underestimate Trump’s support, does this poll perhaps underestimate his current support?

And you could be right.

But say that you have improved his favorable / unfavorable rating by 5 points in two directions: 37% positive, 50% negative.

It is still a rough set of numbers for the man many Republicans continue to view as their party leader.

You are what (news) you consume

Here are some numbers that can be found in our new NBC News poll: There is a significant difference in political attitudes between conservative media users (Fox News, Newsmax, OAN) and those who consume the rest of the policy.

A percentage that has a “very positive” view of Trump

  • All adults – 21%.

  • Conservative media diet – 46%.

  • Liberal media diet (MSNBC, CNN) – 8%.

  • Social media (how they get most of their news). 21 percent.

  • Print, broadcast TV, local news (without cable և social media). 11 percent.

Percent who “categorically do not accept” Biden

  • All adults – 33%.

  • Conservative media diet – 62%.

  • Liberal media diet – 12%.

  • Social media – 29%.

  • Print, broadcast TV, local news – 27%.

The most important problem by group

  • All adults – Coronavirus, 30%.

  • Conservative media diet. Border և immigration, 40%.

  • Liberal media diet. Coronavirus, 42%.

  • Social media. Coronavirus, 31%.

  • Print, broadcast TV, local news. Coronavirus, 34%.

A percentage that characterizes Biden as “very liberal.”

  • All adults – 29%.

  • Conservative media diet – 54%.

  • Liberal media diet – 14%.

  • Social media – 31%.

  • Print, broadcast TV, local news – 20%.

Percentages that give priority to “making sure no one votes for those with inadequate voting rights”

  • All adults – 38%.

  • Conservative media diet – 60%.

  • Liberal media diet – 20%.

  • Social media – 35%.

  • Print, broadcast TV, local news – 34%.

Percent who will not be vaccinated

  • All adults – 12%.

  • Conservative media diet – 20%.

  • Liberal media diet – 4%.

  • Social media – 9%.

  • Print, broadcast TV, local news – 10%.

Tweet of the day:

Data download. The numbers you need to know today

58 percent The proportion of Americans who say they are most concerned is making sure that anyone who wants to vote can do so, according to a new NBC News poll.

38 percent. Participants who say they are most concerned about making sure no one who has the right to vote does not vote.

1.6 million The number of valid signatures collected by supporters of the election recall against California Gov. Gavin Newsom, according to the Office of the Secretary of State.

$ 400 million How much would a recall election cost, according to the California Association of Clerks and Electoral Officers?

$ 15 per hour. The new minimum wage for federal contractors, starting in January, is in an executive order to be signed by President Biden.

89: The number of people in New York who were left behind to keep one of their seats in the House.

32,276,517: The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, according to the latest data from NBC News և health officials. (That’s 50,919 more than yesterday morning).

576,763: The number of virus deaths in the United States so far, according to the latest NBC News. (That’s 474 more than yesterday morning).

230,768,454: Number of vaccine dosages available in the United States

26.5 percent. The proportion of fully vaccinated Americans

2: The number of days it takes for Biden to reach the 100-day vaccination goal.

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