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A California man dies after being stabbed by police for five minutes

A man died in police custody in California on Tuesday after Alameda Police Department stabbed him in the face for about five minutes, according to footage from a body camera released Tuesday, the New York Times reported.

The big picture. The death of 26-year-old Mario Arenales Gonzalez came a day before former Minneapolis police officer Derek Shavin was convicted of the murder and murder of George Cave Floyd. Shawn tied Floyd to the sidewalk, keeping his knee to his neck.

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  • Gonzalez also died about a month after the shooting and killing of 13-year-old Mexican police officer Adam Toledo. Lawyers and Latin American community leaders have called for a federal inquiry into Toledo’s death.

The video shows: Officers who are detaining Gonzalez և are heard asking him to stop resisting arrest before holding him for forty-one and a half minutes. They began squeezing Gonzalez’s chest and checked his pulse when he did not respond.

Game condition: Three officers, Cameron Lee, Eric McKinley and James Ames Fisher, are on administrative leave after Gonzalez’s death, according to the Times, the Alameda District Attorney’s Office and the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office are under investigation.

  • A separate investigation is under way by former California Attorney General Louise Wren, chairman of the San Francisco Police Department.

What do they say? “Alameda police officers killed my brother,” Gerardo Gonzalez told a news conference on Tuesday.

  • A preliminary report from Alameda police said a “physical altercation” broke out after officers tried to arrest Gonzalez, saying he had “received emergency medical care” as he was being held and then died at a local hospital.

  • A lawyer representing Gonzalez’s family, Julia Sherwin, compared Alameda police’s preliminary report to how Minneapolis police first described Floyd’s death, which did not mention the type of force Shavin used on the 46-year-old black man.

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