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A confrontation is taking place in one of the residential districts of North Carolina. One MP was shot.

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RATERS / Max Whitaker

  • Confrontation continues in North Carolina’s Bun District.

  • The deputy sheriff was shot in the confrontation. The condition of the deputy is unknown at the moment.

  • The police are asking the residents of Bun to take shelter on the spot with doors and windows closed until the situation is resolved.

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Police said that in North Carolina sheriff’s deputy shot against the background of the situation Monday afternoon.

Police in Bun, North Carolina says on Twitter that it helped the Vatauga County Sheriff’s Office in an “ongoing” situation in a residential area.

The police department asked the residents Shelter on site with closed doors and windows.

The gunman was a member of the Vatauga County Sheriff’s Office, WNCT reported. The current condition of the deputy is unknown.

The details of what led to the confrontation and the shootings remain unclear.

This is an evolving story. Please check back for more details.

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