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A Florida model offered drunken knee dances to strangers. After that, the police entered

Spring break may be over, but some people in Florida do not want to end the party.

St. Petersburg Police Department staff at 8 pm on Saturday. Around 30 people were responding to the disturbing call outside the local bar. They contacted a woman later identified as Olivia Taylor-Vashek, who was drunk.

According to the complaint, the Instagram model, who is competing to appear on the cover of Maxim magazine, “slipped on the sidewalk, trying to give casual citizens a hug dance outside the business.” The statement added that the 28-year-old defendant had “bloody, watery eyes, thin speech and difficulty standing on a flat ground”.

Firefighters were called to assess him, but paramedics were unable to approach him when he threatened to punch them if they touched him, read the statement.

Taylor-Vashek was given “many opportunities” to call someone to help him get home or to be escorted by police to his nearest apartment building, but to no avail.

“He kept shouting at police, passers-by, as he asked the police if they wanted to ‘knock’ him on the sidewalk,” the report said. “Despite being offered help, he continued to worry and shout that the police were going to shoot him.”

Taylor-Vashek was arrested, charged with disorderly conduct, and released the next day on his own accord.

His Instagram account has since been deleted.

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