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A nocturnal bear was shot dead and killed in Idaho, Fish and Game said. Her baby also died

A female brown bear was shot dead in a poaching incident in Idaho last month, according to the Idaho Fisheries Department.

Fish and Game officials discovered that the bear’s body was partially submerged in the Little River Yerm River near Island Park when they received a signal from the bear’s radio collar that it was dead. This is the third gray poaching in the Fremont region since last fall. Earlier, Fish and Game found the bodies of two gray men who had also been shot and killed. One in late September and the other in early November.

Grizzly bears are still considered an endangered species in the continental United States, making their hunting illegal. Parts of Eastern Idaho are part of the Great Yellowstone Ecosystem, a designated area for species restoration.

Officials said the gray-haired girl was shot several times between March 15 and March 23. The bear was found near Paul Bridge Camp near Island Park. Fish և Game officers were able to find the gray yard where they found a dead 6-8 week old baby.

“The loss of reproductive females is a tragedy,” said Doug Petersen, a regional security officer. “Does anyone there know what happened to this bear? We ask them to come forward and share that information with us.”

Fish and Gam said all three poaching cases were ongoing. Fish Ames Brower, spokesman for the Upper Fisheries Snake, told Patsman that the agency had not decided which case was involved.

Anyone with information on poaching is advised to contact Fish և Game Upper Snake Regional Office at 208-525-7290 or citizens against poaching at 1-800-632-5999. Consultants can also report online at Anyone with information that solves the case can receive a $ 50,000 reward from Citizens Against Poaching, the U.S. Fish, Wildlife Service, and a number of nonprofits.

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