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Aide to former Archbishop of Canterbury accused of blackmailing minister over racism

Bishop John von Fenwick, 70, heads the Free Church of England (FCE), which is split from the Church of England.

Bishop John von Fenwick, 70, heads the Free Church of England (FCE), which is split from the Church of England.

An aide to the former archbishop of Canterbury has been accused of blackmailing the minister into recalling racism allegations in order to retain his license, The Telegraph may reveal.

Bishop von Fenwick, 70, heads the Free Church of England (FCE), a splintered group of the Church of England that was forged in the mid-19th century.

A former adviser to Lord Kerry, the former archbishop of Canterbury, is already in question as the charity investigates allegations that proceeds from the sale of a 300 300,000 church have “disappeared”.

West Midlands Police also said they were reviewing the fraud charge to find out if the FCE had committed any crime.

However, it has now been revealed that Bishop Fenwick is also accused of another attempt to “blackmail” another minister, His Holiness Carey, into withdrawing charges against him, ranging from racism, doctrinal irregularities, and abuse of closure. church, which was later sold for ,000 300,000.

St. Kay, who has served as a minister for nearly 40 years, warned that the FCE’s “culture of secrecy” could lead to the dissolution of the entire Christian faith.

Bishop Kay claims that the bishop told him that he “burned his bridges” after he was charged, and gave him three options. “Retire gracefully,” get a license, or accept a PTO, but only within his congregation “on the condition that I say I gladly accept it; I will drop the charges against him.”

“It looks like blackmail”

Bishop Kay rejected all options. “It seemed like a kind of blackmail,” he told The Telegraph.

“In particular, I think it is an abuse of our nomination disciplinary process to demand that charges be dropped in response to the shadow of my former ministry.”

He added. “It seems that anyone who raises any question about what the bishop is doing is being punished for it.

“We do not really have archbishops in our denomination, but he is behaving as he does in every church in England.”

Despite its distinction, the FCE maintains formal relations with the Church of England, “the clergy being able to move between the two churches.”

It is presided over by three bishops, Bishop Fenwick, who serves as Bishop Primus: Bishop of the Northern Diocese. He is supported by Bishop Paul Hunt of the Diocese of the South and Bishop Josep M. of the Diocese of South America. Rosello – who is not supposed to be involved in the illegality.

Following the lawsuits, Bishop Rossello called on his elder, Bishop Fenwick, to resign. Bishop Martin wrote to the FCE’s second commander, Bishop Hunt, claiming that Bishop Fenwick had made racist remarks about Bishop Rossello, including that he was “the highest paid minister, not even an Englishman.”

He expressed concern about the closure of the 300 300,000 church in Middlesbrough and the removal of its attendant.

He claims that it was those complaints that cost him the post of minister in the FCE. Instead of apologizing, he insisted that Bishop Fenwick maintained an atmosphere of “secrecy and intimidation.”

“Atmosphere of fear”

“There is an atmosphere of terrible fear,” said Bishop Kay. I think people are afraid to say anything against him because he is a bishop. “People see how authoritarian he is, that he can do unpleasant things to people, they feel inferior.”

To the question why he decided to speak, Bishop Kay added: “It simply came to our notice then. It sat on me for many sleepless nights. Voghov asked the bishop to restore my license, but he refused.

“I have never spoken to the press about such things, I do it only now, with the greatest reluctance,” he said. I split in two. I was only touched by the advice and encouragement of respectful people. Alas, the bishop will not hear anything else.

“In such circumstances, anyone should have resigned, allowing an independent investigation. He has been talked to many times by different people in the FCE, but he just ignores any unfavorable comments, never says he’s sorry for what he did.

“It’s not what any Christian wants to do. I did not do it out of malice or because I wanted to do it. It cost me a lot to do that. ”

Asked if he thinks such allegations of illegality could lead to the failure of the FCE, he said: “Maybe, maybe that’s what is needed – death – resurrection.”

In response, Bishop Fenwick said: “In October 2020, I informed my diocesan synod about the processes I was going to be guided by, assessing whether to issue a further license to a cemetery over the age of 70 or not. At the age of 70, all pastors with pastoral supervision will present their licenses to the bishop of the diocese.

“However, after consulting with the local congregation այլ other stakeholders, the bishop may renew his license on an annual basis.… Thus, a caring leader may be invited to worship as long as he’s fit, but he would not normally do so.” The head of the parish is expected to be over 70 years old.

“The exchange of guidelines with the Synod preceded any other issue raised in recent statements.

“When St. As Kay approached his 70th birthday, I contacted the clergy of the Church, where Mr. Kay was the Assistant Minister, and asked them to consult with the congregation. At the same time, I consulted with the diocesan officers, high-ranking clergymen, and laymen, because “the others were interested.”

“The result of the consultation was that, although the congregation wanted Mr. Kay to continue to serve with them, the assessment of his greater contribution to the diocese’s religion was significantly negative. My proposal to award Mr. Kane a PTO in Tottington was intended as a pastoral solution to the pooled outcome of the consultation.

“I am deeply saddened that Mr. Kay turned down the offer and responded to my olive branch as he did.”

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