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Allies say Trump is ‘fixed’, ‘constantly’ talking about Arizona recount

trump card counting Arizona

Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly asked his aides about the recount, which is currently taking place in the Marikopa region, according to The Washington Post. A.P.

  • Arizona 2020 is underway. The audit of the election results carried out by the FSA.

  • Trump has been asking for help from his assistants, The Washington Post reports.

  • One man told The Post that they listened for about 45 minutes to Trump discussing the audit.

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Former President Donald Trump has been “fixed” on an AOP audit of the 2020 Arizona election results, according to The Washington Post.

He asks assistants several times a day for a recount of votes in the Marikopa district, advisers told The Post.

An anonymous person told the newspaper that they had been listening to Trump for about 45 minutes, discussing the ballot. “He talks about it all the time,” they added.

The former president also spoke to advisers about the use of ultraviolet light to examine ballots, according to The Post. According to experts, this method can damage the sounds.

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The vote count in Maricopa, where President Biden won by more than 45,000 votes last year, was initiated by Republicans and approved by Trump.

Some of the 2.1 million ballots cast in the 2020 election are being recounted by order of the Republican Arizona Senate, the Associated Press reports.

As of Thursday, a recent attempt by the former president and his allies to offer a game that is unacceptably rude in the county.

“So many people would like to thank the brave, patriotic Republican senators from Arizona for the incredible work they are doing in exposing the large-scale voter fraud that took place in 2020. ,

The audit is conducted by Florida-based consulting firm Cyber ​​Ninjas, which has no previous experience in ballot processing. That, according to Charles Davis of Insider, is trusted by Trump supporters. The company’s founder Doug Logan shared tweets claiming that in 2020. The election was stolen ում contributes to the #StopThe Steal effort, Arizona Mirror reports.

Arizona Democrats unsuccessfully filed a lawsuit Thursday to halt the audit, rejecting it as partisan motives to perpetuate allegations of electoral fraud. “It’s a ‘fake audit’ that ‘pushes the big lie that the election was stolen,'” Arizona Democratic Party leader Rakel Teran told Insider on Tuesday.

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