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“America is ready to fly”

Congratulations almost on Friday, OnPolitics readers!

President Biden and First Lady Il Biden will celebrate their 100th day in office by visiting former President Jimmy Carter and his wife in Georgia.

Sounds … festive But before calling it a day off, let’s talk about Biden’s first big speech – the unspoken, the unspoken – the great moments you may have missed.

It is The girls, Let’s do this.

This is what the president said last night

In a speech Wednesday night, Biden both looked back on his first 100 days in office. : developed a vision for the future of his administration, from talking about raising taxes for the rich to calling on Congress to take action against gun violence and police reform.

“America is on the move again,” Biden said. “After saving and renewing for 100 days, America is ready to fly.”

A historic moment for women. In previous speeches, did you notice two women standing behind the president? No. It’s because it has never been before. In his opening remarks, Biden nodded to Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who were behind him. Harris was the first woman to be elected vice president, and Pelosi became the first woman speaker in 2007.

Biden told.

  • Biden described the ongoing mass vaccination effort, a 1, $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus aid package adopted in March. proof that the government is still working,

  • He urged Congress: Adopt Floyd Law Floyd Justice Law in the Field of Police, which aims to increase police accountability և to ban certain military exercises that have resulted in the death of black Americans.

  • Biden too identified white supremacy as a threat of internal terrorism that the country must remain vigilant.

  • The president did not focus on the border challenges his administration faced Wednesday night. Instead, he focused urging Congress to pass its comprehensive immigration legislationn, which would pave the way for citizenship for the nearly 11 million stateless people in the United States.

How did the GOP react? Guess:

GOP leaders have condemned Biden’s plans to spend trillions on COVID-19 և economic aid, as well as raise taxes on the rich to pay for them. The Republicans also attacked Biden’s border policy, accusing the new president of spending his first 100 days on the left wing of the Democratic Party.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarty, R-Calif., Tweeted: “It could all be just an email.”

Is America a “racist country”?

Room Tim Scott defended the country record in the race as an opportunity in response to Biden – optimism. Scott does not downplay the country’s racial and ethnic differences, but says Democrats are ignoring the actions of the past century for political and financial gain. “Listen to me clearly,” he said. “America is not a racist country.”

HarrisThe country’s first US Indian vice president չէր disagreed with some of Scott’s statements, but not all. He said that America is not a “racist country”, but on Thursday morning on “Good Morning America” ​​the nation must “speak the truth” about its history through racism.

Everything else that happened in Washington.

I hope your weekend is amazing. – Mabinti

This article originally appeared in the USA TODAY. Biden clarifies his vision for the nation during his first 100 days

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