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An American-American man has been stabbed to death in Washington, DC

Bottle police have arrested a 25-year-old man for fatally stabbing an Asian American man who was visiting an apartment complex in the city.

The case. The stabbing took place on Sunday, April 25, at 8 pm, at the entrance to the Beardslee Villas near 112nd Avenue, which is described as a “rather busy” area, according to KOMO News:,

  • 29-year-old victim այլ Another Asian-American man was leaving a residential complex of meetings when a 25-year-old Caucasian man confronted them and pointed his finger at the victim, KIRO7 reports.

  • After asking the suspect. “What happened to you”: He reportedly jumped on the victim and stabbed him in the chest. He tried to attack the other person, but the latter managed to escape.

  • Bottle police ամ paramedics tried to save the man’s life և tried to transfuse blood at the crime scene.

  • An anonymous witness who reported the incident to KIRO7 told the police. “It certainly seemed that they were targeted because they were Asians,” and other eyewitnesses said the attack went unanswered.

Arrest: The suspect, who was a resident of the building, was later arrested and charged with murder.

  • He was found in his third-floor apartment minutes after the incident, according to eyewitnesses, he did not regret it and remained silent.

  • The suspect, who reportedly has no criminal record, was due to appear in King County Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Investigation: Bottleau police have not yet said whether the case is being investigated as a hate crime, as witnesses at the scene told officers various accounts.

  • In a statement issued Monday, they stated that “the investigation is ongoing all possible motives. “

  • “So far we have found 10 witnesses. We predict that many more people may be found in the coming days. It is very possible that this time our investigators will provide all the evidence to locate and listen to all the people who contain the information. ”

Bottle Police urged anyone with information to contact their business line at (425) 486-1254.

Special image via KOMO News

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