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An burnout when Florida becomes the last state to reduce voting access

The voter stamp the ballot paper issued by the voter before placing it in the official ballot box (AP)

The voter stamp the ballot paper issued by the voter before placing it in the official ballot box (AP)

The Florida Senate has passed a bill that restricts voting rights in the state by restricting the use of mail ballots and ballot boxes, which has angered critics who call it “C My Crow 2.0”.

Democrats and suffrage activists say the legislation poses significant barriers to making voters’ voices heard.

The bill was passed in the House mainly on the basis of the party line, from 23 to 17, with one Republican against the Democrats.

“Instead of defending their fundamental right to vote, some Florida senators have decided to become complicit in a nationwide program to pressure those voters by passing this undemocratic bill,” said Cara Gross, Florida’s executive director and senior political adviser. “They are suppressing the right to vote by obstructing voting by mail.”

Voting was preceded by controversial weeks, which put restrictions on dropping and operating hours, and required voters to first identify themselves to an election official.

Other changes include requiring voters to apply for mail ballots more frequently at each election round, limiting who can drop the ballot in the ballot box, and only allowing food for election officials և distributing water to voters.

Democrats in Florida have compared the bill to a March bill in March that makes voting there more difficult.

“It’s not Georgia orgia, but it’s definitely Georgia orgia light,” said State Sen. Chevrin ounce.

Others liken the move back to my Crowe Act, which barred black women from the 1870s to the 1965s.

“This bill is just revenge for punishing people for elections that some people just did not like at the national level,” said Democratic Sen. Audrey Gibson.

“No mention of fraud, just a lot of people decided they were full and wanted to vote.”

For their part, Republicans say they make it harder to cheat, that it is still easy in the state to vote in person on election day, in person at an early appointment, by mail, or via dropbox.

According to ACLU, Gross says that in 2020, about 4.8 million voters in Florida voted by mail. More than 1.5 million Florida residents have used safe bead boxes to return their ballots safely and conveniently.

“Nothing about the Florida election has shown the need for this law,” he said. “In fact, lawmakers need to be encouraged that Florida has a record number of participants in their democracy.”

Instead of restricting voting, Ms. Gross urges lawmakers to seek ways to improve voter accessibility by simplifying voter signature compliance procedures, ensuring uniformity in all states, or promoting fairer polling stations. Election observers have made it clear that the bill will create unnecessary obstacles to governing the election in Florida.

The Florida House of Representatives has drafted similar legislation that does not include restrictions on food and water distribution. The two bills need to be reconciled,: The legislature ends on May 1, so time is running out for the final version to be sent to Governor Ron Desantis for his signature.

The governor of Florida, a close ally of former President Donald Trump, has made the change in election rules a legislative priority, although in the last election the state did not have significant problems and won the Republican list.

Republicans in the US legislature are working on such bills to restrict access to voting, with a particular focus on mail-order voting.

This step is led by those loyal to Mr. Trump, maintaining his unfounded claim that large-scale voter fraud was imposed on him in 2020. No such fraud was found.

Historically, it has been Republicans who tend to vote more by mail.

The event promotes federal calls for federal suffrage, with Democrat-controlled Congress in Washington calling for the People for the Law Lew Lew Լ Lewis Promotion Act.

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