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Another authoritative school tempted by critical race theory

This is an open letter from a group of concerned alumni and parents. Until July 8 last year, we were grateful that Regis remained true to its mission of academic excellence, fostered the spirit of generosity, cared for the needy, and resisted the critical racism inherent in Critical Race Theory (CRT) that has been adopted by other institutions. We felt confident that the academic rigor և focus on critical thinking that Regis had instilled in its graduates for more than a century made Regis immune to the anti-rational, anti-liberal, anti-meritocratic, neo-racist ideology that Criticism is a theory of race.

Regis’s calculation took place last summer when an anonymous group created an Instagram page @BlackatRegis in response to a post that Regis emailed to the Regis community in 2020. On June 3. Many stories on @BlackatRegis are horrible և we want to be clear that racial harassment and discrimination are unacceptable. We expect Regis to respond quickly and decisively to any incident.

However, @BlackatRegis simply does not draw attention to these cases. It envisages the adoption of the CRT ideology as a medicine. @BlackatRegis contains links to two emails sent to Regis. The first letter is anonymous և it says that “the mission of this project (@BlackatRegis) should emphasize the experience of SP alumni, current students, faculty and staff A school that perpetuates racism and open contradiction»

The second letter: “Dear Regis. “Love lives”, the document was signed by more than 600 Regis և REACH Alumni և faculty. It is full of CRT jargon և condemnations of Regis behavior.

Like so many schools in the country, Regis seems to have immediately given up on this special prescription to address the university’s racial climate. It testifies to that

In fact, it seems that Regis has adopted CRT since the advent of @BlackatRegis. Many decisions were made during the time when Regis did not have a president. On April 11, 2021, the Regis community was informed that Christian Talbot, a current board member who visited Regis and taught at the school for 13 years, is now our interim president. A quick look at Mr. Talbot’s Internet presence (he is the founder of a consulting firm called Basecamp) shows that he seems to be a strong supporter of CRT, which recommends the books of Ibrahim Candy (a leading supporter of CRT) և against the standardized SAT in such tests.

As long as the alumni do not speak out, we fear that our interim president, the future DEI hiring director, and the diversity management committee are going to do irreparable damage to our universities, despite their good intentions. CRT advocates work to weaken or eliminate entrance exams, reduce curricula at the Western Canon, set racial quotas for students (faculty (regardless of qualifications), achieve ‘Equality’ of results, bringing the performance of all students from the weakest.

As alumni and parents, as much as there is any racism in Regis, we want it to be eradicated. We want to ensure that ALL students feel safe and welcome. The sudden hug of the Regis CRT is especially frustrating when those of us who have been with Regis for decades know how much Regis has worked to solve the problems of the black Regis community. For more than a decade, Regis has been trying to hire more black faculty. There is a lot of competition for black teachers. Twenty years ago, Regis developed the REACH program to help more students of color prepare for the rigors of Regis education when their local schools may not have met that task.

Regis opens the Pandora’s Box when it pledges to ensure that Regis culture is “free of any racial or other bias, be it obvious or overt” in its instruction to its alumni. The promise of eliminating CURRENT bias gives CRT advocates control over all aspects of Regis life, from admissions to curriculum, pedagogy, teacher training, assessments, and discipline. All objective criteria become subjective, և decisions are based not on reason but on emotions. From a CRT point of view, you can not defend yourself against the accusation of indirect racism, because the feelings of the accuser have more weight than the objective view of what actually happened. From a CRT perspective, challenging alleged racism is evidence of racism. After relying on CRT, it affects all aspects of the school. Indeed, the job description posted by Regis requires the new DEI principal to be involved in all aspects of the school (admission, curriculum, “all faculty staff development”, strategic planning, recruitment ուսան “student recruitment planning” »): )

In the appendix to this letter, we have provided links to essays on numerous CRT articles.

We wholeheartedly encourage Regis to become a more inclusive environment for students of all backgrounds. Students who have been raped should be held accountable for their actions. Regis needs to discuss these issues և the ability of people to judge their own character, to put others in the place of others when they are freshmen. But that does not mean accepting the CRT and going the same way as Grace Church High School, Dalton և Brearley. We strongly prefer the general human approach to combating racism; we hope that the administrators and faculty of Regis և the Board of Trustees agree.


In other institutions, we have seen that as the school rebuilds its educational philosophy around the principles of CRT, free-open debate is quickly replaced by an atmosphere of fear and silence. We want to ensure that this does not happen in Regis. We ask the Board of Directors և The Regis administration (including the interim president) to be fully transparent about any CRT-based training or curriculum implementation program at Regis. We want to know what this will mean for the school, particularly in terms of admissions, curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, discipline, and the overall mission of the school. We ask that they agree to take proactive steps to ensure that Regis remains a place where rigorous pedagogy, critical thinking and free and open discussion remain the norm.

In particular, we ask that before the school does anything about the Regis race, it should consult with the General Humanity Advisor on Racism to review those decisions և policies. These questions will include DEI officer candidates, full-time job applicants, any race-related policies, or policy changes, including but not limited to

The consultant was to be associated with a group inspired by the common people, such as 1776 points, fair, counterbalanced, groups working to eliminate racism without resorting to the fatalistic, neo-racist, CRT ideology that is so divisive and pervasive at the moment. This consultant would share their views on these issues with the Board, the administration and the alumni. Their suggestions were not binding on Regis. Just as Regis should not give the wheel to those who support CRT, so it should not give it to those who oppose it.

We would like the school to agree that the principal of the nominated DEI should be responsible for teaching at least half of the full-time teacher workload (two grades). A full-time DEI employee will feel obligated to find “indirect” racism and bias everywhere to justify their continued work. No other classmate school we visited (Xavier, Fordham Prep, Christo Ray Harlem, St. Peter’s St. Petersburg նախ’s staff) had a full-time DEI officer. These were all part-time commitments.

If Regis does not promote CRT, we ask the school to stop using CRT terminology, both within Regis and in contact with the alumni community.

We ask that the Council vote anonymously on all matters relating to this race. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of CRT say that anyone who refuses to comply with their demands is a racist.

We ask the school to treat us equally by sending this Open Letter to all alumni and posting it (or its link) on, just as it sent its @BlackatRegis Instagram page to all alumni on July 8th. , 2020 The letter և currently directs people there to the school website.

If you are a member of the Regis և community and support the views expressed in this letter, please email Allen Harris PLLC to [email protected] with your name and graduation year or contact with the school. Allen Harris PLLC will not share anyone’s name with us or the school unless you specifically request that your name be distributed. It will only inform Regis how many people have emailed them in support of this letter.

Thanks to Regis for taking enough care to read this letter.

May our honest hearts be strong to endure. ,,

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