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Anxiety has caused dozens of people to faint or feel dizzy after the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine, says CDC

Needles can be scary, and for some, fear can get the most out of them.

According to a report released Friday, five COVID-19 vaccine sites in California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa and North Carolina reported 64 cases of anxiety after more than 8,600 people were shot after son onson ons son onson.

Four of the five sites were temporarily shut down following the response to the investigation.

At the beginning of this month, 17 of the incidents that took place during the three days were fainting. The other most common signs and symptoms were dizziness, paleness or excessive sweating, nausea or vomiting, and low blood pressure. All cases were resolved within 15 minutes, մեկը none were considered serious. Most anxiety reactions occurred in women (61%); The average age was 36 years.

Moreover, 13 of the respondents told staff members that they had a history of fainting after vaccination.

The CDC says that the effects of fainting, such as fainting, can occur immediately after receiving any vaccine, “և it may be due to the discomfort of receiving the injection.”

Therefore, “Vaccine suppliers should be aware of post-vaccination anxiety events and watch for at least 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine for any adverse reactions from all COVID-19 vaccine recipients.”

The agency notes that it is not possible to make a direct comparison between the reactions after the J&J coronavirus vaccine against Pfizer or Moderna personnel, as these vaccines were given to different, select groups of people.

When Pfizer և Moderna vaccines were made available for emergency use in the United States in December, priority was given to adults over 65, health care providers, and medical professionals. The J&J vaccine was mainly given to older adults.

That’s why about half of all anxiety events after the J&J vaccine have occurred in people between the ages of 18 and 29, according to the CDC. Not to mention that adults generally have higher rates of fainting after vaccinations.

For example, there are 7.8 cases of unconsciousness occurring per 100,000 doses of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine given to 26-year-olds.

“As COVID-19 vaccines are used in younger age groups, providers should be aware that young people may be more prone to anxiety-related events than older people after vaccination,” the CDC said.

Instead, the researchers compared anxiety-related events with those after the flu shot after the J&J vaccine, which are more representative of the older population.

In particular, fainting after the J&J vaccine was about 164 times more common (8.2 cases per 100,000 doses) than after a flu shot (0.05 cases per 100,000 doses).

In addition to a history of needle fevers or a history of fainting, the CDC suggests that epidemic stress may increase people’s anxiety when it comes time to wrap their noses. And with so many cases occurring in the same vaccine area on the same day, the agency says witnessing others lose or feel dizzy can “cause episodes of additional anxiety.”

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