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Ar im Ross leads election results in Arlington mayoral election

Attorney and business owner Jim’s Ross secured the fastest lead in the Arlington mayoral race, and Pastor Michael Glasp’s former board member was left out of the crowded race.

21 pm Pm With 24 out of 173 polling stations, Ross leads with 47.48% of the vote, followed by Glasp with 21.09%. Retired Air Traffic Control Board member Marvin Sutton received 15.02% of the vote. Business owner Kelly Berk received 7.28% of the vote, developer Dwayne Washington received 5.18% and independent salesman Doni Anthony received 1.74%. Ir irilo “JJ” Okampo Jr. received 1.19% of the vote.

The winner in the race consisting of seven people of the mayor. After the eighth term of the City Hall staff after the declared Jerry Warden was declared ineligible for a criminal conviction, he will be replaced by Mayor ff Williams, who can not be re-nominated for a term. If no candidate receives more than half of the votes, the top two candidates will advance to the second round on June 5.

Saturday marks the end of a crowded race, the first in the city since 2003 without an incumbent president. Campaign messages focused on recovering from the Arlington coronavirus, promoting small businesses, and promoting development.

The list of candidates, especially the mix of familiar names of the municipality and local business, is likely for the second round. In a previous interview, BT Boyan, an associate professor of political science at UT Arlington, told Star-Telegram. Sutton was nominated for mayor, replacing Arlington for a second term on the council in the Southeast, և Glaspin decided to run after the 2018 approved term was limited by electing him as another member of the county’s eighth council.

Candidates known by the name, according to Boaya, can run in elections when they are mostly outnumbered by Ross, who heads a law firm with a Mercury Chophouse. Eight-day completion reports show that Ross spent more than $ 100,000 on election campaigns. A former Arlington police officer, the Marine Corps has been campaigning mainly to keep the city afloat, helping small businesses recover, helping law enforcement find solutions to road accidents. He launched his campaign in November with the support of several well-known local names, including Williams’s former mayor Richard Green, and the support of all four police associations.

Ross also spent time campaigning to dismantle his perceived status as an “establishment candidate” that would maintain the status quo. Several of his opponents have asked for the votes of the residents to change the direction of the city. Ross also made the accusation to persuade the city to declare that Wary Warden, a talent-buying agent, is inadmissible for past crimes that have not been pardoned.

KRB Fitness և Clothing owner Burke, who co-owns Mrs. Burke’s Christian Academy, has campaigned for property tax increases by giving residents more leeway in tax-funded programs, improving local education, and creating family attractions. Pastor Washington’s programmer, Washington, has focused most of his campaign on solving city-wide debt, as well as reducing crime through community initiatives. Freelance trader Anthony has focused his campaign on protecting constitutional freedoms by easing local business regulations while protecting freedom of expression.

Sutton, a retired air traffic controller who was nominated for various city offices by 2019. Winning his first election, he campaigned for local government involvement, the creation of an Arlington Police Oversight Citizens Review Board, and transportation solutions that work for the city. Minister Glaspin campaigned for public safety, health, local economy, and education.

In addition to the Facebook page asking for support, GIS employee ir irilo “P” Ocampo Jr. apparently did not campaign, withdrawing his candidacy petition.

The candidates consisted of well-known business owners, community leaders, city leaders, and political newcomers. The former publisher of the Arlington Star-Telegram և Citizen-Journal, OK Carter, said the race in February was one of the most diverse he had ever seen.

City council

Arlington City Council nominees Rebecca Boxal, Nicky Hunter, as well as incumbent Dr. Barbara Odom-Wesley, and Andrew Peel, secured their race leaders soon Saturday night.

9 months 21: On the 28th, reporting 100 out of 173 precincts, Architect Boxal received 61.6% of the vote in the 5th round race without reporting polling stations, while Kennedy ounce, a pastor-engineer, won 38.4% of the vote. The winner will replace Dr. Ignacio Nunes, a first-term board member who did not seek re-election.

District 3:

In the third round, Diana Saleh leads the race in the press with 32.14% of the vote, while Nikki Hunter is slightly behind with 31.7%. Tamiko Brown received 20.59% of the vote, Dora O. Tovar received 12.44% of the vote, while Alikis Lupien received 3.13%. In: all women of color The council race to represent Arlington to the southeast could advance to the second round if no candidate receives more than half of the votes. The winner will replace Marvin Sutton, a first-term councilor who was nominated for mayor.

4th district

Incumbent Andrew Peel, representing Arlington in the 4th District, received 68.58% of the vote, well ahead of rival Billy BW McClendon Jr., who received 11.53%; Anne Nwaefulu, who received 9.79%; Cheyenne M. Zokaie, who received 6.24%; և Nehal L. Mehta, who received 3.86%.

District 8:

In the 8th round, Dr. Barbara Odom-Wesley, a first-term council member representing the entire city, won 76.3% of the vote, while her opponent, Chris “Dobby” Dobson, received 23.7%.

At least two new representatives will join the newly elected Council of Elders as they think about urban projects, economic development, and decisions affecting housing crime. In November, voters re-elected Victoria Farar-Myers, a 7th District Council member, Helen Moz, a 2nd District Council member, Raul Gonzalez, a 2nd District Councilor, and Ruby Faye Woolridge, a 6th District Councilor.

A record number of voters voted for the mayoralty by the end of 2020, with more than 100,000 votes in the Woolridge general election. Experts predict that turnout on Saturday will be higher than in the previous municipal elections, usually held in May.

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