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Authorities say Delaware police say he died clinically after responding to a military call

WILMINGTON, del. – Authorities confirmed on Wednesday that Delmar Police Officer Kpl. Keith Hikuk, 54, died Sunday morning in a brutal attack in Yorkshire Estates.

The attack left Hikuk, who, according to his sister, as an officer, wanted to “help people” with significant head injuries.

Wednesday at 12 p.m. “Baltimore Hospital officials said on the 48th that he was clinically dead, although he was still alive,” Delmar Police Chief Ivan Barkley told a news conference tonight. Hyacinth organs will be donated.

“I need you to know that even with his sacrifice he is still a hero to someone,” Barkley said.

Heacook Funeral Home will be held in the coming days.

The 22-year-old veteran of the department was found unconscious by a soldier from the state of Delaware, the deputy sheriff’s office of the Wicomico district, after he died at 5 am on Sunday. On the 12th he responded to the ongoing battle call.

The court documents state that Hikuk attacked 30-year-old Rando D. By Wilkerson. According to the witness, Wilkerson repeatedly kicked the officer in the head while he was unconscious, police said.

Corp. Keith Hikuk, Delmar Police Department

Corp. Keith Hikuk, Delmar Police Department

Hikuk was taken to the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center on Sunday, part of the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. He was on the ventilator, and the skull was inserted into the skull to relieve the pressure. On Monday, Katie Hickey told Delmarva Nou, part of the US network TODAY.

Wilkerson, who is accused of assaulting an elderly couple, was charged Sunday with two counts of first-degree murder with two counts of first-degree assault, among other charges.

His charges will be renewed, including the murder, Delaware Attorney General Katie Ann Annings confirmed at a news conference on Wednesday.

“He will be held accountable at St. “Against Hikuk, an elderly couple he was brutally attacked for, Delmar’s atrocities against our entire state,” said Ann Annings.

He described Hikuk as “a family man, a civil servant, a defender of his community in the last days.”

“We are here to mourn the loss of the man who dedicated his entire career to selfless service to the rest of us,” said Ann Annings. “And we are here to receive the law enforcement agencies in this state who are willing to take risks every day so that the rest of us do not have to.

“Tonight we wrap our arms around the community և the family և hold them in support և pray,” said Ann Annings.

Keith Hick, right, with his brothers որ mother. Right clockwise. The late Beth Hick, Anita Hick, Katie Hick, Tom Hick և Anita Fister.

Keith Hick, right, with his brothers և mother. Right clockwise. The late Beth Hick, Anita Hick, Katie Hick, Tom Hick և Anita Fister.

Hikuk was inspired to pursue a career in law enforcement when he was in a wreckage about 30 years ago. The police took him out of the trench and took him to Christiana Hospital, where doctors gave him 50-50 chances to survive. After that incident, he was put on a ventilator.

“He wanted to be a police officer because he wanted to do the same thing, help people,” said Katie Hickuk.

The officer leaves his wife and 11-year-old son behind in another relationship. Hikuk is the youngest of seven siblings. He was preceded in death by his sister and brother.

Delaware Gov. John Carney made a brief announcement on Twitter on Wednesday. “This is painful. Delmar Community ողջ The entire state of Delaware lost its civil servant today. I և Pray for Tracey Cpl. For Heacook, his family, and all his lawmakers. compulsory executors. “

According to the police, the elderly couple, 73-76 years old Steve Judy Franklin, respectively, were taken to local hospitals. Jud ood was ill at TidalHealth Peninsula Regional in Salisbury but discharged.

Delaware State Police spokesman Master Kpl said the Franklins were resting at home after leaving the hospital. Gary Fournier told a news conference on Wednesday.

“Please, keep them in your thoughts and prayers, as he’s we continue to mourn. “Hikuk,” said Fournier.

A prayer vigil was held at the Delmar Police Department on Sunday evening. A bank account called Community was opened at Delmarva Bank to help support Hikuk and his family.

Authorities say the article originally appeared in the Salisbury Daily Times. A Delaware police officer was killed after answering a call

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