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Biden and Carter, longtime allies, are reuniting in Georgia

Presidents Biden was the first senator in Delaware in 1976 when he approved of the former Southern governor as president of the party’s Northern Empire players.

Biden was surrounded on Thursday by visiting my Carter and his wife, Rosalyn, in the small town of Plains, Georgia, where the 96-year-old former president and 93-year-old first lady lived for most of their lives.

“Throughout his life, he has shown us what it means to be a public servant,” said Biden, 78, of the new Carter documentary about Carter, which is set to take place this weekend at the Atlanta Film Festival.

A private meeting on Thursday brought together the oldest sitting president in history, the longest-serving former president. It was their first personal meeting since Biden took office. The two presidents did not appear together at Carters House. On the way, Biden was seen at the door with Rosalie Carter. The former first lady was standing next to him, supported by her walker.

It turns out that many of the 650 residents of Plains have seen Biden’s motorcade.

The Carters were unable to attend the January 20 inauguration, the first to be missed since the inauguration of Jim’s 39th President in 1977. Carters withdrew from public life for most of the coronavirus, but now they are vaccinated. և Recently, he resumed attending church services at Maranata Baptist Church, where the former president taught Sunday schools for decades.

Biden’s visit comes after Carter Vice President Walter Mondale died on April 19 at the age of 93. Carter and Biden both spoke by telephone with Mondale on the eve of his death.

In an interview with the Associated Press last week, produced by Willie և Jim Carterland and produced by Carterland, Biden named Mondal և Carter as one of the leading figures in his political career.

Biden noted that Mondal changed the vice-presidency, becoming the active role that Biden was to play during his two terms in office. “When President (Barack) Obama asked me to think about being his vice president, I said I should go home and talk about it,” Biden said. “Fritz was my first call outside the family.”

Remembering the seeds of his friendship with Carter, Biden named the date: 1976. On March 25, he addressed Wisconsin to announce that the then moderate Baptist of the party was the right candidate to defeat President Erald Ford.

“Some of my colleagues in the Senate thought it was a youthful luxury,” Biden said with a laugh. “I was generous, but as I said at the time, Jim was not just a bright smile to me. He can win և he can appeal to more segments of the population than any other person. “Governor Carter proved me right.”

The cards did not approve of anyone’s 2020 But the former president warned Democrats not to go to the extreme left, to risk alienating the moderate voters needed to defeat President Donald Trump.

There is irony in the political calculations of both men.

Carter fought for the 1976 nomination from the Northeast Liberal Institution and then clashed with congressional Democrats who disliked his technocratic, penniless approach. In 1980, he resisted the bruise of Ted Kennedy, the liberal icon of Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, and began a general election campaign that ended with the ouster of Republican Ronald Reagan.

By 2016, the aging former president was going to vote for Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders instead of the more moderate Hillary Clinton, which Carter would not reveal until after Clinton lost the general election to Trump.

At the same time, Biden seems to have been overshadowed by Sanders և other rising progressives at the start of the 2020 campaign. Biden described the campaign as primarily a moral act against Trump, which he described as a threat to “the soul of the nation.” The approach helped run several states in the general election, including Georgia, by combining liberal participation in supporting independent, moderate Republicans whom Carter rightly asserted could be part of a winning Democratic coalition.

Even now, Biden is pushing for a legislative agenda that would mark the largest expansion of the federal government since the passage of the Medicare, Medicaid, Civil Rights Act in the mid-1960s, before Carter or Biden tried the state. office:

After leaving the White House in 1981, Carter retired from party politics for years.

He and Rosalyn Carter focused on transforming the Carter Center into a world-renowned organization in the field of public health, humanitarian and diplomacy. Since 1989, the Center has observed more than 110 elections in 39 countries, վրա it’s on the eradication of the Guinea worm, a parasitic infection attributed to poor drinking water development in developing countries.

In recent decades, Carter has entered politics more directly. He criticized many US administrations for not having ties to North Korea, arguing that a tough stance would not put an autocratic, isolated nation on the world stage. That left Carter somewhat in tune with Trump, even as the 39th president criticized the 45th president as another liar, a threat to democracy.

For years, Carter has criticized US military spending, arguing that it could wreak havoc on the world, while short-term changing the type of domestic investment made by rival nations, especially China. He used his speech at the Democratic National Assembly in 2004. To accuse then-President George W. Bush of invading Iraq in 2003. The move by Biden allowed the Senate to vote in favor of a resolution of warring powers.

By blasting big money into politics, Carter also called the United States an “oligarchy” rather than a full-fledged “democracy.”

This open approach has meant a vehicle relationship with its successors. But that leaves much for Carter to talk about with Biden, who in his first congressional address Wednesday night put his trillions into the infrastructure, education, health care and other expenses needed to travel with Beijing.

“We are competing with China to conquer the 21st century,” Biden said.

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