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Biden meets with Jimmy Carter on the 100th day of his presidency



Thursday’s Biden ill First Lady Il Biden left for Plains, Pla Georgia, on Thursday, hours after the president’s first speech at a joint congressional session, to debut his broad domestic agenda to meet with his longtime ally, My Immy Carter.

Their meeting was the first time the president had met the nation’s 39th president, former First Lady Rosalyn Carter, since Mr. Biden took office.

Carters did not attend the ceremony on January 20 due to a coronavirus epidemic. For the first time since 1977, he missed the ceremony after a series of health problems that limited his mobility.

The visit follows the recent death of Mr. Carter Vice President Walter Mondale, who died on April 19 in Minneapolis.

On the 100th day of his presidency, the President, in his one-hour speech to the people of Congress on Wednesday, will gather in Atlanta to include Americans directly in his overarching economic agenda, including expanding and supporting the spending of trillions of dollars. Federal Security Networks, Education, Child Care և Infrastructure.

“He has been my loyal and devoted friend for decades,” Mr. Carter said in a video statement that provided Mr. Biden nomination. “He understands that honesty and dignity are essential qualities that determine not only our vision but also our actions. We need it more than ever. “

In 1976, then-US Senator Biden was the first senator to endorse Mr. Carter in his presidential campaign.

Mr Carter, 96, is the country ‘s longest – serving president. After Bush’s death in 2019, at the age of 94, he also joined the public service campaign in March, urging Americans to get one of three Covid-19 vaccines by joining everyone. The surviving former presidents, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, with the exception of Donald Trump.

His Carter Center, a progressive democratic organization that oversees elections abroad, also took the rare step of launching its first election campaign in 2020.

Their visit marks at least the fourth time Biden has met or spoken with a former president or vice president since taking office, resuming an unofficial tradition largely abandoned by the former president, who regularly infiltrated his predecessors, some presidents. about storage. with a small fraternity of living presidents.

This may include discussions or conversations, note-taking or counseling, or seeking mutual understanding with a small group of living men in office other than Mr. Trump. Biden has not spoken to him since the last televised debate in October. The former president falsified the following months, claiming that the election had been stolen from him.

Mr. Biden is reportedly in frequent conversations with Barack Obama, he had a brief conversation with George W. Bush before announcing that he would withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan.

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