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Bill Gates should not be criticized for sharing vaccine formulas

 (Getty Images for New York Ti)

(Getty Images for New York Ti)

Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has been criticized for not sharing vaccine formulas with developing countries.

In an interview with Sky News on Sunday, Mr. Gates was asked if it would be “helpful” for the world to get rid of intellectual property և vaccine prescriptions.

Mr. Gates categorically said “no” before adding: “There are so many vaccine factories in the world, people take vaccine safety so seriously. And so, to move something that has never been done, to move a vaccine, say, a [Johnson & Johnson] The factory is turning into an Indian factory, it is new, it can only happen due to our grants և experience. ”

Mr. Gates continued. “What is hindering in this case is not intellectual property. There is no impression that there is an idle vaccine factory that regulates regulators that make magic-safe vaccines. You know, you have to experiment with these things. And every production process must be viewed very carefully. “

Tara Van Hoon, Professor of Law at the University of Essex made a note in the tweets“Gates speaks as if all the lives lost in India are inevitable, but in the end the West will help when, in fact, the United States and Britain are keeping their feet on the necks of developing nations, refusing to break them. [intellectual property rights] “It’s disgusting.”

Global Justice Now CEO Nick Dearden wrote platform:The “disgusting Gates here” southern countries did not have so bad. They should be happy that our vaccines increase when we are done, there are no unemployed factories. Who appointed this billionaire global health leader? Yes, he did. ”

Mr Gates said it was “not surprising” that rich countries had given priority to vaccines.

He added. “The fact that we are currently vaccinating 30-year-olds in the UK, the US, Brazil and South Africa. We do not have all the 60-year-olds vaccinated. epidemic “:

Journalist Steven Buran made a note in the tweets that Mr. Gates “seems optimistic, but he really has a vision for the world. We can not make more vaccines, we can not compromise on profits, we can not trust poor countries with our technology ուտ after eating scraps. Terrible. “

He: added:“The poverty of the eyes of his other ‘leaders’ was astonishing. Polio, both, had unified responses that shared knowledge and technology around the world. We are happy that the * pharmaceutical * market can handle the biggest crisis of our lives. Fully on autopilot. “

According to the opinion The Washington Post: On Monday, Columbia University professor Joseph Ozef Stiglitz and Lori Wallach, director of the Global Citizen Trader Observer, argued that “maintaining intellectual property barriers to Covid-19 vaccines is morally wrong.”

They argued that “renouncing intellectual property rights so that developing countries can produce more vaccines would make a big difference in gaining global herd immunity.”

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