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Blackberry students use their explosive Instagram account to incite their private school teachers to racist behavior

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Black students at King’s Private School in Kentucky have called on their teachers to perpetuate a culture of systemic racism by sharing their frustrations on Instagram. Mateusz Slodkowski / SOPA Images / LightRocket / Getty Images:

  • Connecticut private school students called their teachers on Instagram for racism.

  • The story details the cases of racism, including how a black student is forced to play the role of a “slave” who escapes “slavery”.

  • The school apologized this week and announced a list of “cultural inclusion” initiatives.

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A black student at a private Connecticut school turned to Instagram for racist remarks about their administrators, teachers, and classmates.

The Blackatking account was launched in June 2020, detailing dozens of student reports claiming to be anti-racist at King School, a prestigious private school in Connecticut.

As a black male student, he said that as a sixth-grader, he was forced to run into the woods at night, pretending to be “underground” with other students, “slave collectors”.

“Another white consultant led us to a ‘safe house’ and forced us to hide in the bathroom. The ‘slave captors’ later found some of us in the bathroom and ransacked us, leaving the group,” he wrote.

The report contains more than 100 cases of racist remarks, comments by teachers, classmates who “fetishize”, “sexualize” students.

I heard a teacher talking to a mother about how different they were. “She complained about how the other girls’ hair was neat and straight and mine was curly,” reads a note from a student at King School.

The report lists a number of allegations made by certain schoolteachers that students said teachers were “completely obsessed with black women’s bodies by engaging in policing” and “sexualizing” students who worked with them.

History has shown that racism at school was much deeper than suspicious school activities and misconduct.

One post, claiming to be a former schoolteacher, said white faculty members often commented to other white teachers that the school’s director of justice inclusion was “pushing the agenda again.” In another post, he accused the school administration of making it “impossible to build an inclusive environment for black workers” by being “hostile” to them.

King’s School issued a statement this week apologizing for “the pain of someone inside our wall.”

“Since last summer, King School has embarked on a deliberate journey to explore every area of ​​the school through the lens of justice, with the main goal of becoming a more inclusive anti-racist school,” the statement said, acknowledging that incidents highlighted on Instagram were “isolated.” are not events. “

The school also said it was working to increase “intercultural competencies” as well as curriculum and administrative policy changes to be more “inclusive”.

Students at other schools similarly used Instagram to report racist frustrations in schools. The BlackAtPingry account contained notes from Pingry School students at New York State Preparatory School that other students called the end-of-year fundraiser “Slave Day” և regularly referred to by COVID as the “China Virus” :

King School did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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