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Cali Influencer accused of wildly claiming Latin couple tried to kidnap their children

Twitter / KTVU:

Twitter / KTVU:

According to the California mother և Instagram, which went viral in December last year after a Latin couple accused them of trying to kidnap their children in a Petaluma craft store, is accused of giving false information to police, according to district prosecutors.

Katie Sorensen, from Sonoma County, is facing two counts of allegedly lying to police about the incident. The two said at the time that the bizarre local allegations against longtime locals Eduardo ադի Sadie Martinez, who have five children, were a clear case of racial profiling.

“Great news for all of us, but mostly for my cousin Sadie Vega-Martinez and her husband Eddie,” a family member wrote on Facebook after the allegations were made. “By this ‘influence’ they have been falsely accused of trying to kidnap their children at a local Michaels store. Big charge. He obviously did not know who he was messing with … my cousin. Prima, I’m glad you persevered. It is absolutely necessary to have consequences for the attention-seeking “influence”, which is a drama for social fundraising և views… Can you imagine this happening to you? It could completely. And that is unreal. “

The wild suit began with a video posted by Sorensen on December 13 on his now-defunct Instagram account @motherhoodessentials.

“This Monday, Monday, my children were the target of a kidnapping attempt,” he said. “Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. But, yes, it happened. And I want to share that story with you, trying to raise awareness of what signs to look for, just to encourage parents to just be more aware of their surroundings, of what is happening around them. ”

Sorensen, who is white, later told the local KTVU news agency that the man and woman had gone to the store with their 4-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter. He said in an Instagram video that he then listened over the phone to the couple, who “did not necessarily have a clean cut”, describing what their children looked like.

“I heard them talk about my children’s characteristics, but I was completely paralyzed with fear,” Sorensen continued. “I just could not say anything to myself.”

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

“Very inconvenient,” Sorensen said, explaining that the couple got out of the car without incident. “There is no other explanation for why they did it, other than that they were just building courage … I saw those people, they certainly did not look clean. “I felt uncomfortable around them. Instead of making them uncomfortable with me, I chose to stay in my comfort zone.”

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Petaluna Police Department

Police released a video of the couple’s cameras asking for witnesses to appear, but they could not find any evidence or witnesses to substantiate Sorensen’s account.

Sadi Martinez, who recognized herself and her husband in the photo of the surveillance camera, said at the press conference. “I did not believe it. It looks like we’re literally guilty of being brown in shopping. ”

Martinezes soon went public with the desire to prosecute Sorensen.

“Do you really think it’s okay to go online, be racist, talk about family?” Sadie Martinez said during the rally a few days later. “It is quite difficult to be a Latin family in a white community.”

“Get up, go shopping one day, and then be accused of trying to kidnap someone’s children, it’s painful …… alas, there are targets behind us,” he said.

Sorensen claims that the couple did not buy anything in the store before they allegedly left. But the control photo seemed to show how they shopped. Shortly after the dispute broke out, Sadie Martinez’s daughter, Isaiah Gonzalez, told BuzzFeed News that she was “horrified” by Sorensen’s allegations that she believed Sorensen had probably heard the couple’s words from their grandchildren rather than Sorensen’s children. About:

Sorensen did not respond to a request for an interview. His lawyer, Charles Drezov, told The Daily Beast he would not be able to comment in detail until Sorensen appeared in court.

A source close to Sorensen told The Daily Beast that the Petaluma Police Department had sent the case to the district attorney’s office after the investigation was completed. The maximum sentence for each of the two charges is six months in prison, but the source said it was rare for a defendant to be given so much time in such a case unless there were “very special circumstances”.

“This will be one of the situations that ends up being legally fascinating, as the desire to pursue a policy of pursuing a political crime may outweigh the criminal code,” the source said. “Obviously, there are interesting things at the highest level in its social context, but there is also a kind of fascinating legal context for everything that is simply worth pursuing in a number of ways.”

Supposedly, the false report presented by Sorensen mimics others in a long line of false accusations made against white people. Last year in New York, a white woman falsely accused Birdwatchers of threatening her and her dog. When evidence emerged that he had prepared the whole affair, his wife, Amy Cooper, was fired from her job at Franklin Templeton Investment Company.

According to a 2017 study, blacks convicted of murder are about 50 percent more likely to be innocent than whites convicted of the same crime.

Following the arrest, Sadie Martinez launched the #ProsecuteKatie movement on social media and was appointed to Petaluma, a police ոստիկանության racial advisory committee.

Sorensen is due to stand trial on May 13.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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