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California police say woman who called SS delivery driver to police charged with hate crime

A California woman has been charged with hate crime after police said she accused a black courier driver of speeding and chased her, leading to a confrontation in which she used “hate speech”.

An unnamed 35-year-old woman was arrested by Berkeley police on April 18 after receiving a report of distress. According to the police, the woman said that the delivery driver was speeding, that she and her boyfriend decided to follow the driver.

Authorities said the woman “used force” to stop the driver, “using hate speech to discredit people of color.”

The driver, Kendall McIntosh, who is SJ, told KRON4 that the woman’s friend was standing behind the truck to stop her, that the woman had used racial slurs against her, jumped into the car and grabbed the wheel.

Macintosh said he was “thankful” that witnesses had videotaped the incident.

“What kept going through my mind was that you knew I could be handcuffed instead, so no matter what the situation, just defend yourself,” Mackintosh said. “If you feel the need to videotape it or something, definitely do it, because I felt that if there was no video. … he could have avoided saying this.

The police reported that the woman was arrested for false imprisonment, for battery, for using insulting words, for threatening a person, based on their perceived qualities.

According to Berkeley police, the woman was charged with a hate crime because she was accused of “committing a crime against a person, group or property motivated by the victim’s real or perceived protected social group.”

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