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Chauvin’s jury says guilty verdicts could have been handed down sooner

MINAPOLIS (AP) – A juror who voted unanimously to convict a former white Minneapolis police officer in the murder of Floyd Floyd said most of the discussions were mainly about trying to persuade someone who was unsure about the jury’s instructions.

Brandon Mitchell is the first juror to hear from Derek Shavin’s trial about his attempts to speak publicly. Lisa Christensen, an alternate juror fired before the meeting, spoke to reporters last week saying she would vote to convict Shavin.

“I felt it had to be 20 minutes,” said Mitchell, 31, of the debates that condemned Shovin on April 20 on all charges. Second-degree murder, third-degree murder, second-degree murder.

On Wednesday, Mitchell, who is a SJ, told ABC’s Good Morning America that he spent a lot of time discussing the terminology during the consultations, “making sure we understood what they were asking.” The identity of Jur Yuri և substitute is protected by a judge’s order.

“I think one jury, which I would not say slowing down – was kind of, but I would not say, but it was subtle in the process, moreover, it just kind of depended on the instructions for a few words. “They wanted to make sure they understood,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell, who first shared his story with Gospel artist Erica Campbell on his podcast, wrote in his jury questionnaire that he wanted to serve on the jury because of “everything that happened” after everything happened. This is the most historic case of my life, I would like to be a part of it. “

Mitchell assumed that he was selected for the jury because of his gentle demeanor. He said he was worried about the images during the trial.

“It simply came to our notice then. “There was an impression that he was burying every day, watching someone die every day,” Mitchell told CNN. “Every day was tense. I was not nervous, but it was stressful. It was a lot of pressure. “

Prosecutors say Shavin tied up a black Floyd on the sidewalk of the Minneapolis Cup Foods for 9 minutes, 29 seconds, 9 minutes, 29 seconds on May 25. Floyd was accused of stealing $ 20 counterfeit banknotes in a store. In August, “these three officers, who were fired, appeared in court.”

Prosecutors played a wide range of videos for the jury, including a video of teen observer Darnella Fraser being viewed around the world hours after Floyd’s death. The video և the officers’s body was filmed by passers-by shouting at Shovin և other officers to get off Floyd, warning them that they were cutting his breath, asking them to check their pulse.

Mitchell told Good Morning America that he did not think the jury had any influence on Minneapolis tensions or fears about the impact of their verdicts. Floyd’s death sparks global protests, violence, racism, police crackdown in US

“We did not watch the news, so we do not know what is happening. We were really just closed. There was so much stress at work. These things are so secondary that you are literally watching someone die every day throughout the trial. “That stress alone is enough to distract you from everything that happens outside the four walls of the courtroom,” he said.

Mitchell said he thought Shavin had hurt himself by choosing not to disclose.

“It was probably to his detriment that he did not take that position because people were interested in what they thought throughout the case,” he said.

Amid heavy consultations, Mitchell said he was dismantling.

“Now I’m starting to feel the weight off my shoulders,” Mitchell told Campbell.


Find the full AP coverage of Floyd’s death here:

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