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Daily Beast:

They left for DC on January 6. Now they are fighting for the position.

On January 5, Charles Herbster alleges he was in Donald Trump in Washington with the president’s two eldest sons to discuss ways to pressure Congress not to ratify Biden’s victory. On January 6, he took part in a pro-Trump rally, which later led to an attack on the US Capitol. Herbster announced his candidacy for governor of Nebraska on Monday. Herbster, who runs an agricultural business in many states, is running for office. on January 6, Trump’s pro lines brought him to DC (he did not enter the Capitol that day). And he is not alone. From Nebraska to New Ersey, protesters are now campaigning for elected office. One, a longtime candidate in Michigan who had previously staged anti-block protests in his home state, even seemed to have entered the Capitol. It was perfectly legal to take part in the protest if it was debatable, even some elected officials did. The recently elected US Secretary of State Mary Miller addressed the rally, raising her eyebrows, in which she said, “Hitler was right in one thing. He who has youth has a future. ” Her husband (Illinois) owns a truck. He has a truck for the three percent armed group, which was parked in the Capitol area on the day of the riot, as reported earlier by The Daily Beast. Other politicians faced more serious political problems. Derrick Evans, the new delegate from West Virginia, was arrested for invading the Capitol area. And the Virginia Senate voted for Amanda Chase, the state senator who took part in the protest. (Chase made a video with the leader of the armed group of sworn guards on January 5, and later went on to call the Capitol attackers “patriots.” He did not appear to have entered the Capitol). But now, hundreds of people are not holding back the arrests of riots since January 6, and the former president was insulted at the Oscars, the new newspaper of the January 6 rally claims to be in its own government. Some, like Herbster, are promoting their credentials in favor of Trump. Herbster accuses him of orbiting the former president and even told the Omaha World-Herald that he could not take part in the Capitol attack because he left the rally early to travel to Florida with the Trump family. Former senior Trump adviser Kellan Conway took part in the launch of the Herbster campaign on Monday, with former Trump campaign chief Corey Lewandowski reportedly advising on the Herbster campaign. His campaign did not return a request for comment. But in Virginia, restaurant owner Marie March won her Republican primary last week, forcing all of her members to just invade her post, representing the 7th District of the House of Representatives. March was present at the “Stop Stealing” rally on January 6, but says he left before the mob stormed the Capitol. However, his involvement has resumed wounds in the state, and one of his potential colleagues in the House of Representatives pointed to his Facebook post after Derek Shovin’s assassination of George Lloyd last year. “The coming civil war is difficult.” The post started. In a statement sent through his campaign, Mart told The Daily Beast: “My husband, a veteran father, and I attended President Trump’s speech on January 6, 2021 at the Washington Monument. Before President Trump could finish his speech, my family and I left at 2 p.m. Around 00 we finished our meal outside of DC. After that we went home. “Not only did I not apologize, I was not at the Capitol.” “I apologize for nothing, I do not regret anything,” he added. The current candidates were not the only ones who gathered in Washington, և in some cases, allegedly violating the Capitol. on January 6 for personal political aspirations. According to at least 15 other prominent participants in rallies or riots, failed political campaigns were launched, according to the Daily Beast. Some of them, such as Proud Boy, Hawaii’s failed candidate Nick Ochs, Texas’s failed candidate Enni Cadd, have been arrested for their alleged role in the attack. Although Herbster and Mart insisted they left the rally early, other candidates were closer to action. .J Jason Howland, who in 2022. Nominated in Michigan’s 31st House district, he was spotted in a crowd climbing the Capitol steps, the New Yorker reported earlier. Last year, Howland founded the American Patriots Council, a right-wing group that rose to prominence after it emerged that many of the militia members who allegedly tried to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer had joined the group in heavy armed rallies. It is reported that when Howland և was handed over to the crowd under white officers, the videos showed his APC co-founder Ryan Kelly, who is running for governor of Michigan, wearing sunglasses and a white American flag hat with his camera shot on his phone. they were shouting. We are entering. ” Martin Kelly confessed to Michigan Live, who introduced himself in numerous videos that he was in Washington that day to support Trump, that he called the event “energetic.” He also told The Daily Beast on Wednesday that he had not taken part in the riots. “I have never been to the Capitol, that’s right,” Kelly said in a text message. “Similarly, I have not challenged any officer, nor have I had any confrontation with the officers. It is not correct to offer anything else.” QAnonHowland’s latest plan to undermine Biden’s election, while the latest co-rapporteur is the April American Patriotic Rally, in which heavily armed demonstrators stormed the Michigan Capitol to protest the blockade, according to photos of perhaps bolder videos. In one video, a man who looks very much like Howland wears a baseball cap TAT, which Howland occasionally wore on his own YouTube videos until January 6, stands a few feet from the marble pillars in the Capitol. Howland did not respond to numerous attempts to oust him for his story, and like Kelly, he was not charged with any crime. At the same time, the APC now maintains a watch list calling for the arrest of 17 public figures who it says have violated the US Constitution. , from Governor Whitmer և from the Secretary of State of Michigan, who approved the 2020 election results, Vice President Kamala Harris. A few years ago, an alliance with a group like the APC, which rallied in June at the Michigan Capitol to learn more about the military, may have put their candidate on the far right. But in Michigan, where state GOP chairman Ron Weissman joked about the assassination of two members of his own party who voted in favor of President Trump’s impeachment, Howland and Kelly may not be far from the mainstream. “It’s usually disqualifying, but in this race, it seems like a plus,” said Roderica Appluhait, a senior communications adviser to the Democratic Party of Michigan on Jan. 6, referring to Kelly’s actions on Jan. 6. “Maybe marginal candidates are moderate in the Republican Party. », – Applewhaite More. However, Applewhaite said it did not consider Kelly, who recently posted a face mask on his Facebook page, a “condition” [children] “for slavery”, “to be a real candidate” or a threat to Whitmer, who was elected by almost 10 percentage points in 2018. Hollande could have had even more controversy in his Democratic race in Michigan House # 31. has been held for more than three decades. But State Representative William Sowerby, who currently holds the seat վում is limited in time, said that Michigan will be redistributed until 2022. The election, և the Macomb district where he և Howland lives, ‘can be divided by a lot more difference than’ What I have seen is that the GOP in Macomb County is far more extreme in its beliefs’ platforms. “It ‘s worrying,” Sowerbin told The Daily Beast. In New Jersey, those leaders found a home in the local Republican Party. Edward Durfin is the President of the Northville Republican Club in the 37th District of New Jersey. He is a ten-year member of the Guardians of the Oath group, according to the WNYC, and has previously raised money for the Guardians of the Oath. recruitment billboard in his state. Oath-keepers are now under surveillance after members were accused of trying to break into the Capitol area and arresting people inside. Some of the group’s leaders are facing conspiracy theories for accusations that prosecutors claim is a well-coordinated plan. Members interact with leaders throughout the day. Durfi, who is not charged with the crime, told WNYC that he would work for security at the Capitol Group. He used the HAM radio station to keep in touch with other members. “Guys about the details,” he told the point of sale, adding that he had been hit with pepper spray during the day’s events. Durfi, who did not return the voicemail for comment on this story, has been campaigning for a long time. The 37th District of New Jersey is a fairly democratic base. The Northville Republican Club told The Daily Beast that despite this, it “supports candidates running for Northville district.” “We have historically not endorsed non-Republican candidates running in the constituency.” The club has not been shaken yet. from Durfi in the past. In the past, it defended Durfie when opponents noted his oath-taking credits. Last year, when Durfy ran for Northville City Council, his opponents targeted him with a postman who called և Defenders of the Oath “radical extremists.” The Northville Republican Club called the allegations “irrefutable.” This story was updated with a comment from Northvale. Republican Club. Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Register now! Daily membership of animals. Beast Inside deepens the stories that may be important to you. Learn more

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