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Cross Charlotte to Atlanta in half an hour

Speaking about his US work plan, President Biden said the new high-speed rail line would take the Charlotteans to Atlanta in just two hours.

“Imagine a two-hour train traveling between Atlanta and Charlotte at 220 miles per hour,” Biden said at Philadelphia 30th Street Station on Friday, according to

According to Amtrak’s schedule, that journey now takes about five and a half hours.

Biden also mentioned faster flights between Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and said that Amtrak plans to serve 160 communities across the country.

“What does it mean that cities and towns that are in danger of being left out or lagging behind will return to the game,” he said.

Biden’s project will cost $ 80 billion for the railroad.

“We have a huge opportunity here to ensure fast, safe, reliable, clean transportation in this country,” the President said. “And transit is part of the infrastructure.”

“And like the rest of our infrastructure, we are now lagging behind the rest of the world,” he said. “We must remember. We compete with the rest of the world. ”

Map of Amtrak for new routes

In March, the taxpayer-funded Amtrak unveiled a map of proposed new railroads in the United States that could be built by 2035 under Biden’s American Action Plan.

Under the plan, the Charlotteans could one day sail to the shores of the mountains of North Carolina, according to The Charlotte Observer.

The Charlotte would join Ashley through Salisbury and Wilmington through Rally, according to the map of Amtrak.

The plan calls for a new service from Charlotte to Greenville, SC, Atlanta, possibly Alabama, although Amtrak says it has not yet decided when new routes may begin.

Riley from Richmond

The shuttle map also shows a proposed new route from Raleigh to Richmond, Virginia.

The new high-speed transit would give Charlotteans a faster route to other northeastern destinations, as previously reported by The News & Observer.

The NC Department of Transportation received a $ 47.5 million federal grant for Raleigh-to-Richmond service in September, The N&O reported at the time.

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