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DC pays $ 1.6 million to protesters wrongly arrested during Trump’s inauguration

& lt; p & gt; Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony in 2017 & lt; / p & gt; (Via AFP Getty)

The inauguration of Donald Trump in 2017

(Via AFP Getty)

The Washington government is paying $ 1.6 million ($ 1.1 million) to protesters who were wrongly arrested during Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017.

The city agreed to settle two lawsuits on Monday brought more than four years after the arrest of the former president by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)’s attorney, Effrey Light.

More than 200 people were believed to have been arrested in the city of DC by the Colombian Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) on the day of Mr. Trump’s inauguration.

The agency was accused of violating the constitutional rights of journalists, legal observers, and protesters, as well as violating the First, Fourth, Fifth Amendments, and DC laws.

Supposedly, “pepper spray, grenades, stun grenades, stinging bullets” were targeted by those protesting against Trump.

The six-member group was awarded a combined $ 605,000 (4 434,000) in a lawsuit filed by the ACLU in the District of Columbia, the ACLU said.

And in a lawsuit filed by hundreds of others, nearly $ 1 million (19 719,055) in damages were awarded after they were falsely arrested, detained for up to 16 hours without food or water in 2017. During the inauguration ceremony.

ACLU Legal Director Scott Michelman said in a statement: enjoy the rights of the First Amendment, but fear a baseless attack by the DC police. ”

Mr. Light, who had filed a class lawsuit, added: “This suggests that the District has opted for a solution rather than defending the MPD’s apparently unconstitutional actions in court.”

“Today’s settlements provide some compensation to all those who were unconstitutionally arrested and restricted from exercising their rights four years ago on Inauguration Day,” Mr Light said.

As part of the settlement, the MPD “will issue a formal order amending detainees’ recycling procedures to avoid giving them long waits for basic necessities such as toilets and water access,” the ACLU said.

Told by former MPD leader Peter Nussham The Washington Post: that he believed the arrests were legal և disagreed with the settlements.

“In order for those people to get financial surprises after being legally arrested, something says about our civil trial in court,” said Mr.

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