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Democrats in California will listen to Newsom as they remember it heating up

SACRAMENTO, California. (AP) – California Gov. Gavin Newsom will address the Democratic Party on Saturday as he prepares to campaign to keep his job.

His message to the thousands of activists at the Democratic Democratic Party of California’s annual convention, which took place almost immediately, comes from the heels of state election officials, who say a preliminary count shows that his recall efforts have enough signatures to cast a ballot.

Voters will have the opportunity to decide in all the elections this fall whether the first-term Democrat should be removed from office before the end of his term. Congress delegates are one of the party’s busiest organizers, who can knock on doors, make phone calls, or give a share of popularity to Democratic candidates.

“The governor can speak, remind everyone why we supported him as governor, why he won by an overwhelming majority,” said Democrat colleague Lieutenant Eleni Kunalakis. For the party activists, the Republicans are trying to sabotage Newsom և “this is what will create the withdrawal of organizational support.”

Vice President Kamala Harris is also set to deliver a moving moment for Democrats who helped her rise to the top of California politics, from San Francisco District Attorney to Attorney General to U.S. Senator until Biden was elected President.

The annual meeting, which began on Thursday, serves as a policy discussion forum to approve candidates or otherwise activate party members. Newsom’s upcoming fall reminder election will be one of the highest in the nation’s California if there are other major state voting contests this year.

“Being ready to arrange to overthrow Gov. G. Newsom’s recall from the Republicans will be an important part of our conversation,” said Rusty Hicks, chairman of the Democratic Party of California, about the weekend.

Hicks, who has just been re-elected as party chairman, said the convention will focus on overcoming the California epidemic, including efforts to vaccinate millions, reopen schools and support small businesses.

Newsom’s political fate will depend in part on how people react to the epidemic, whether schools and businesses remain open until the election.

Republicans have blown him up over the closure of schools and businesses, although a recent poll shows that a majority of voters support school-economy issues.

In case of recall, voters will be asked two questions. Should Newsom be recalled? Who should replace it? He may not vote on the second ballot. Votes on the issue will only increase if more than half of voters want Newsom to disappear.

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulkner, businessman John von Cox, former Congressman Doug Ossen, and real-life TV star Caitlin are among the Republicans vying to replace him.

So far, the Democrats have united behind Newsom. The governor described the recall as an attack by supporters of former President Donald Trump on California’s progressive values, an argument that is evident among Democrats.

Christine Pelosi, the outgoing chairwoman of the state party’s women group and the daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said Democrats are excited to support the state’s progressive ideals. But he said Democrats need to show people why they: stay focused on how to help people recover from the epidemic.

“Our concern is that people do not vote if they do not think we are talking about the realities of their lives,” Pelosi said.

On Newsom և Beyond Harris, on Saturday, delegates will hear from former Gov. Jerry Brown, Pelosi, former Sen. Barbara Boxer, and Sen. Alex Padilla, who were appointed by Newsom to replace Harris.

Padilla will be elected in 2022.

Senator Diane Feinstein, who rarely attends state party conventions, will not comment. He has been severely criticized, scrutinized for his tenure, and never liked by the party’s progressive activists. In 2018, they approved of his opponent.

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