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DNA test, possible Chad Dabel instruments, Idaho court documents reveal

Law enforcement conducted a DNA test on tools confiscated from Chad Dabel’s property հնարավոր a possible blood sample found in the apartment.

That, according to court documents filed this week by Madison District Attorney Rob Wood in connection with the Chad Վ Lori Valow Deibel case. Both are accused of plotting to conceal or destroy evidence.

Wood’s lawsuit was filed in response to a petition by Chadian lawyer John von Prior and Lori lawyer Mark Mean. Defense attorneys asked Judge Stephen Boyce for an expedited trial in connection with the DNA testing by law enforcement.

The hearing was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon but was postponed. And Wood ները advocates are asking for information from the state lab so they can come to an agreement.

The hearing was scheduled after the previous one asked Boyce to order the prosecution to do the following:

  • Do not pursue any further testing of DNA samples until the protection will be able to obtain half of all samples for their own testing.

  • Provide all records, reports, and documentation related to tests that have already been performed.

  • Allow the defendant’s DNA expert to go directly to any lab to review, copy, photograph, or document procedures that will be performed in the future or in the past.

  • Provide the defense with all և all evidence of DNA testing in the case.

Wood responded by saying that the investigation into Tayley յ և մահ մահ մահ մահ մահ մահ մահ մահ մահ մահ մահ::: ցանկացած ցանկացած ցանկացած:::::::::::::::::

“Once new findings are updated or discovered, they will continue to be given to the two defendants,” Wood wrote. “Since the beginning of the investigation, many items of probative value have been collected. many of which are suitable for forensic analysis և testing. The reports reflecting the confiscation of these items were submitted to the defense. “

Wood cited a report on the seizure of instruments that have been tested for a long time due to COVID-19 delays խնդիրների problems delayed in forensic laboratories.

“On April 12, 2021, the state received the results of a DNA analysis of fragments found on tools confiscated from Chad Dabel’s property,” Wood said. “The state knew that some of the samples from the study items might be suitable for DNA analysis, but that those samples were so large that the testing process itself would consume the entire sample (s).”

Wood said he received another report in a state lab on April 18 about “a possible flat blood sample that would require a consumer test for DNA testing.” He did not say where the sample came from, but Lori and her brother Alex were living in separate apartments in Rexburg when the children disappeared in September 2019.

Three days after receiving the apartment sample report, Wood said he had sent the lab results to attorneys, as well as a letter saying he planned to ask the state lab to conduct tests.

“Both defendants wrote to the state and told the state that they objected to it without reviewing the materials of their experts,” Wood wrote. “(On April 22) the state sent an e-mail to the Defense informing that due to their requests the state would not immediately pursue consumer testing. Եւ asked the Defense to send the names of their experts to the state within 14 days. The State has proposed to facilitate the availability of defense experts և the sample (s) to be examined. »:

Wood said he had the power to verify the evidence “for a fair, just result,” noting that forensic examination was widespread.

Wood agreed to stop any testing that would completely consume the evidence until the information was received from a state-owned laboratory. Both parties can then work out an agreement or ask Boyce to resolve the issue.

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