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Do not ignore the fact that Ma’Khia Bryant was holding a knife, as if ready to use it

A woman speaks through a megaphone as people gather to be vigilant in Columbus, Ohio, in 2021. On April 21, to commemorate 16-year-old Machiavelli Bryant, who was shot dead by a Columbus police officer. - Ohio State Police shot dead a black teenager who allegedly stabbed another man in the lungs. Former Officer Derek Shavin was in a den an hour before he was found guilty of Floyd's murder. The shooting took place during a tense period due to racial injustice in the United States, growing outrage over police brutality, and protests in Columbus. (Photo by ff ef Din / AFP) (Photo by JEFF DEAN / AFP via Getty Images)

On April 21, people woke up near 16-year-old Machi Bryant, who was shot dead by police in Columbus, Ohio. (Ff ef Din / AFP / Getty Images)

To the editor. As a career advocate, the father of two young black adults ready to leave home, I worry when my older children leave home, regularly updating how they communicate with the police, pathologically following up on police shootings.

In this context, I began to read with great interest Sharhonda Bossier’s article on the murder of Ma’Khia Bryant.

Bossier’s childhood was painful, and I’m sure it was probably in parallel with Bryant in significant respects. However, any discussion of this tragedy, which does not relate to the fact that at the time the officer killed her, Bryant seemed to be a little girl nailed to a car with a knife in her hand, it seemed as if she had been stabbed for a second. , falls very short.

The young girl whom Bryant was about to stab had the right to live. I have a question as to why the officer fired four times more than maybe two, but the bigger question is not what the officer did wrong, but what happened to this girl to make him so cruel. provided services. he needs that he did not receive.

Lloyd E. Handler, Los Angeles


To the editor. Bossier’s recollections of his youth նրա his continued presence on this planet in order to have a full life are the stories we need to show the significance of the reckless end of a young life.

Bryant did not have to die. Most likely, he did it because he was a SS.

In the Daily Pilot of the LA Times recently, we read about a young 23-year-old white man named Santos Moreno, who survived previous shootings by refusing to obey police and continued to beat a transgender woman on a skateboard.

It seems that the same restrained officers shown to Moreno would also survive Bryant.

Jim my Hoover, Huntington Beach


To the editor. Busier’s work is so meaningless that it is meaningless.

He says. “Some point to the size of Machiavelli Bryant as a threat to justify the officer’s use of lethal force.” No, it was that Bryant had a knife, he was ready to stab someone, which seemed to make a police officer shoot him.

Incredibly, Busier did not mention the knife attack. Instead, he accused the officer of not using “non-lethal de-escalation efforts.”

The brave officer did not have more than a second to decide whether he was going to save Bryant’s target. What de-escalation efforts can take place in a second? The officer did his duty և most likely rescued someone who would have been stabbed.

Officer Bryant was shot dead in the strongest possible terms: self-defense or the defense of innocent bystanders. The race had nothing to do with it. Many, if not most, police shootings are justified.

Susan Shekhter, Calabasas

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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