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EasyJet և Virgin Atlantic calls for a resumption of the sky

Beach in Spain, March 2021

Beach in Spain, March 2021

Much of Europe needs to be cleared for flight in accordance with government air travel restrictions, says Johan Lundgren, head of EasyJet.

Virgin Atlantic CEO Shay Weiss responded to his call not to delay the resumption of the mass travel.

He said there was now no reason why the government should not allow US services to return next month.

According to the roadmap released from the blockade of Great Britain, it is planned to publish the list of allowed directions soon.

Mr Lundgren told the BBC that “the clock is flying” and that airlines needed clarity.

In his speech on Friday, he cited a study that suggested that mass travel to popular vacation spots would limit the risk of cowardice.

Mr Lundgren found a study commissioned by epidemiologists at Yale University School of Public Health that showed that unlimited travel to some of the most popular holiday destinations would increase hospital admissions by 4%.

He said the study suggested that much of Europe, including Spain, Portugal and Greece, should be classified as “green” under a traffic light proposed by the government to indicate which countries could be visited.

“EasyJet believes that a green country should be one where unlimited travel does not pose a threat to the success of the NHS or the immunization program,” said Mr Lundgren.

“On this basis, EasyJet believes that most areas in Europe should be classified as green within the Government.

“It is conditioned by the fact that vaccination is a change of games. “The success of vaccines in the United Kingdom has severed the link between ‘hospitalization’ and ‘in May-June we expect a gradual improvement as vaccine levels rise.’

Gatwick-Glasgow flight

Gatwick-Glasgow flight

The government is expected to use a traffic light system to classify countries with high vaccination rates և Other data to indicate which ones are suitable for travel.

Mr Lundgren said the government “urgently needs” to make it public, that much of Europe needs a “green light”.

“Since the rest of the economy is coming out of this blockade with some precautions, there is no reason why the same is not possible for travel.”

Also Friday, Mr. Weiss called for the United States to be included in the green list. “With world-leading immunization programs in both the UK and the US, there is evidence of support for safe reopening through testing, there is a clear opportunity to travel, and there is no reason to delay after May 17,” said Virgin Atlantic CEO.

This is the date when the government says air travel restrictions may begin to ease, although ministers have said it is not guaranteed to meet that schedule.

Like most of the aviation industry, both airlines have cut thousands of jobs and made huge profits as global air travel has taken root.

Mr Weiss commented in the United States that the airline had lost 9 659 million in 2020, reducing the number of passengers by 80 per cent.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps will chair a meeting of G7 transport ministers next week to discuss vaccine passports before announcing which countries will be open to the UK.

Earlier this week, British Airways chief executive Sean Doyle said he was confident the recovery of the aviation industry, citing European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s comment that vaccinated American tourists are welcome in Europe this summer.

“Opening the air corridor is something that can be easily achieved if we have the will on both sides of the pond,” he told Aviation Straight Talk.

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