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Eliminate Lasagna Trends on Twitter Following Senator Photoshop Power Plant Viral Spread

Daily Beast:

E o Biden. I am from the Government, I will help here

Melina Mara / Getty. In his first address to Congress, President Biden aimed to sell one of the most liberal agendas of generations, headlong into a bipartisan party that those around him claim have been his brand for more than 40 years. But this speech in no way begged for unity. Although Biden’s first message was about a completely new policy and surprise announcements, he anchored the new administration in a populist sales pitch, defending his trillion-dollar spending plan. An infrastructure project that Biden called “the largest job program since World War II” is a newly introduced American family program that will provide four years of additional public education for every American. “The American work program will create millions for well-paid jobs. “Jobs can help Americans raise their families,” Biden said. The President’s message is the best opportunity for the leader of the free world to get a “microphone” before the joint session of the Congress, announcing the main policy proposal with the largest possible audience. President Barack Obama has declared a “cancer nightmare.” In his “Axis of Evil,” President George W. Bush linked Iraq, Iran, and North Korea to the fight against global terrorism. President Lyndon John Onson launched the War on Poverty. Biden’s proposals were just as promising. he just did not give his agenda a big monitor. The address, which was quietly delivered to a mostly empty room, was instead filled with internal suggestions, which, at least according to the polls, are widespread among American voters. Infrastructure, closing tax gaps for the rich, paid family vacation for each new parent. Only after Biden’s remarks did he address more sensitive issues, such as police reform and the Capitol Uprising. Biden nodded some of the main Democrats’ wishes in his speech, which did not cut infrastructure և families. legislation, including negotiating prescription drug prices. But those remarks sought to protect Biden from accusations by Republicans that he was looking to the more left-wing members of his party. “Sometimes I have arguments with my friends from the Democratic Party. “I think you have to be able to become a billionaire, a millionaire,” Biden said in a line that was not in his remarks. “But pay your fair share.” The speech did not go over the victorious stages, especially the epidemic that raged when Biden took over the federal government in January. During the first few minutes of his speech, Biden demanded his credit for the “dose of hope” that the COVID vaccine offered to Americans, which he said he “inherited from a nation in crisis” from former President Trump. “The worst epidemic of a century,” Biden said. “The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War. Now, just 100 days later, I can report to the nation. “America is on the move again.” He noted that when he took the oath, less than 1 percent of the elderly were vaccinated against COVID-19. Now, 100 days later, almost 70% of the elderly are fully protected. And 220 million people received at least one shot. But he said there was more work to be done on the economy, the nation’s aging infrastructure, the climate change crisis and racial injustice. They are all easier to address. However, than in reality. In Economics, Biden declared his “American Work Program” a “one-generation investment in America itself.” He said it would help millions return to work, rebuild the nation’s obsolete infrastructure. He claimed that almost 90 percent of the jobs he created in his program would not require a college qualification. “The US work plan is a blueprint for building America,” Biden said. His infrastructure plan is still far from final – if it ever passes. At the same time, more than 9 million people in the United States are still unemployed. Biden. Climate Cave Floyd’s death was a “murder in full daylight” on climate change, Biden said, citing his infrastructure plan, saying his project would put engineers and builders in jobs to build more energy-efficient buildings, and to build electrics along highways. In the work, ծածկ farmers plant covers that will reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The work plan will be guided by one principle, “Biden said. “Buy an American.” But in Biden’s $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan, there are a number of difficult issues for Democrats. Even if they do not need a single vote to use the special reconciliation process. Democrats are divided over some of the tax increases that Biden has proposed to pay in part for the program, with some members having pet issues that they want to address with special horses. “We have all seen the knee of injustice on the neck of North America,” Biden said Wednesday night, according to Biden. “Now is our chance to make real progress.” However, in addition to pleading with the Democratic Democrats to “find a consensus” with the Republican Republicans, he asked the Americans to “restore trust with law enforcement” and “eradicate systemic racism in the criminal justice system.” Biden did not seem to make any real progress on the issue that continues to plague the nation. The president’s bipartisan brand has been developed in the Senate for decades, working with Republicans. It later burned during his two terms as vice president, as he took over the tax-rock negotiations, allowing the GOP to perpetuate large tax cuts. And even when congressional Republicans called on Biden not to work with them on a $ 1.9 trillion COVID package, the American people saw Biden’s plan as bipartisan. More than 40 percent of Republicans supported the event. As Biden puts forward another party proposal, this time with his own infrastructure program, the president and his advisers rely on Jo’s bipartisan blue-collar image to bring the bill to his desk. Unlike the House of Representatives and the gallery, which are usually packed for the first joint speech of the President, Biden’s speech on Wednesday evening was delivered to a sharply reduced crowd of about 200 people in the palace. It was more like a House of Representatives debate than a Union State. (Technically, the first joint speech of the President is not considered a Union State, which the President is constitutionally obliged to pronounce “from time to time”). The speech comes more than two months after incoming presidents traditionally say a joint congressional hearing, a delay that the White House blamed for the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, the typical challenges of planning a large closed event in the early days of the administration. Biden opened his speech by commenting on the unusual nature of Wednesday night’s procedures. “Although he has personally observed the process in the US Senate eight times during his tenure as Vice President.” Although the domain is familiar tonight, this gathering is very different, “Biden said.” A reminder of the extraordinary times we are in. ” »: COVID restrictions were severely curtailed by those who could attend Biden’s message: only 30 senators, 40 members of the House, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps – about 30 workers were allowed on the floor. The gallery of the packed palace was usually small with about 60 additional senators and representatives. Restrictions also required attendees to refrain from shaking hands or fists, although those present sat in the central corridor of the House of Commons, unofficially known as the “Alley” during the Ass-Kissers Union State. to have a sense of face to face with the President – basically broke that rule when Biden went through the past. Being in the House during the presidential address would usually be one of the hottest tickets in town, but Republicans in Congress were clearly unselfish in Biden’s speech. Many of them made excuses like “I have to wash my hair.” Greg Pence (R-IN), the brother of former Vice President Mike Pence, who accused Biden of “failing to offer a single share of bipartisan cooperation,” pleaded for Lincoln Day dinner. Lawmaker Nancy Mays (RS.C.), one of many Republicans who attacked Biden for “lack of bipartisanship” in promoting his infrastructure և tax program, cited plans in his constituency. (Those programs apparently included a live broadcast; assuming Biden was not usually late). Rodney Davis (R-IL), who promised to be a bipartisan legislator in his last re-election campaign, said he had already made plans. Room: In any case, Tom Cotton (R-AR) was more outspoken in his opposition to the speech, despite calling for a “compromise and bipartisanship” in legislation last month. “Yeah,” he told Punchbowl last week as he took the elevator. “No comments.” Of the Republicans who appeared, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was probably the most interested in making the noise. For a moment during the speech, he opened the thermal blanket loudly and wrapped it around his knees. It seemed that no one paid much attention to magic. Biden himself promised to stay in the House for about 15 minutes after the speech, meeting as many members present as he wished. Only three Republicans joined Him. Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Register now! Daily membership of animals. Beast Inside deepens the stories that may be important to you. Learn more

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