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Federal investigators are searching Gi uliani’s home և office, and experts say it means he is in real trouble.

On Wednesday, federal investigators searched Rudy ul Ulyan տանը’s home և office in Manhattan, searching for him as part of an investigation into his transactions in Ukraine. New York Times:,

The former mayor of New York, the personal lawyer of former President Donald Trump, is being investigated for possible illegal lobbying on behalf of Ukrainian officials, for trying to dig into Trump’s political rivals. “Execution of the search warrant is an unusual step for prosecutors against the lawyer, especially the former president’s lawyer,” the newspaper writes. Times:“Although the letters of recommendation are not openly accusations of wrongdoing against Mr Giuliani, it shows that the investigation has entered an aggressive new phase.”

Experts agree that the search is a very serious bet for ul uliani. Former United States Attorney Harry Littman wrote: “This means that the judge has found a possible basis for believing it [Giuliani’s actions in Ukraine] were criminals ” Times: writes. “In order to obtain a search warrant, investigators must convince the judge that they have sufficient grounds to believe that a crime has been committed, that the search will find evidence of a crime.”

Federal Prosecutor-Legal Analyst Shanlon Woon called: “No hot air, no arrogance now will help Rudy ul Uliani,” the search wrote.

Lithuanian: continued“I do not know the percentage of people who are illegal [apartments] are looking for a recommendation, which is then charged … but it’s high, Gi given Giuliani’s profile, it should be higher [because] they would be more careful, they would get a lot of approvals. “

It is reported that the search command has been waiting for a long time, քաղաքական it is possible that the policy will slow it down. The process was postponed for the presidential election in order not to encourage voters, և Trump, who was appointed to the DOJ, was reportedly able to temporarily block the verdict while Trump was in office.

Ul Uliani’s lawyer called the search, in which investigators confiscated Ul Uliani’s electronic devices, “legal theft.” He asked. “Why did you treat anyone like that, especially … the personal lawyer of the 45th President of the United States?” Although there is a precedent on that front.

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