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Fox News claims that its presenters did not need to actually test Trump conspiracy theories in response to the Smartmatic defamation suit

Lou Dobbs Fox Business News

Former Fox News presenter Lou Dobbs. Stephen Ferdman / Getty Images:

  • Fox News is trying to dismiss Smartmatic’s $ 2.7 billion lawsuit over election conspiracy.

  • It alleges that its owners did not have legal responsibility for the fact-finding fraud against Trump’s lawyers.

  • Election conspiracy theories for the right-wing media have led to a mess of legal repercussions.

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Lawyers for Fox News have again asked a New York court to dismiss Smartmatic’s defamation suit over conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, arguing that its landlords are not responsible for the fact-finding of Donald Trump’s hired lawyers.

“Smartmatic is asking this Court to be the first in history to hold the press accountable for reporting the allegations made by the presiding judge and his lawyers,” the lawyers wrote in a brief statement to the court on Monday, adding: “Smartmatic is the history of our nation in which the press was responsible for reporting allegations made by or on behalf of the incumbent President.”

The lawsuit, filed in February, seeks $ 2.7 billion in damages, accusing Fox News of conducting a disinformation campaign that irreparably damaged Smartmatic’s reputation. It targets three individual hosts: Maria Bartiromo, Jean-Anne Pirro, Lou Dobbs, who hosted Trump’s attorneys, Rudy Uliani, Sidney Powell.

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Dozens of trials, audits, investigations ներ recalculations did not find evidence that there is a 2020 Widespread election fraud.

False allegations have led to confusion. In late November, Trump fired Powell, and Ul Ulian fired him even as he continued to push conspiracy theories. Dominion has sued Powell, Ul Uliani, Fox News, and other right-wing media figures for promoting the theories. And Fox News canceled Lou Dobb’s show shortly after Smartmatic sued.

jeanine pirro fox news:

Fox News broadcast screenshot featuring feat anin Pirro as a screening of Fox News’ motion to dismiss. Fox News:

Fox News first asked the judge to dismiss the case a few days after it was filed. On Monday, the attorneys for Kirkland & Ellis LLP asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuits against the individual hosts. Advocates argue that the legal standards for defamation do not require hosts to investigate whether Powell և Gi uliani’s allegations are true.

Smartmatic simply discloses information “available” to the public that Fox hosts should consider. “Such ‘failure to investigate’ allegations does not escalate into real malice,” the lawyers wrote, citing other lawsuits.

Earlier in the day, Smartmatic said that it was defamatory for Fox News reporters not to back down from Paul’s ul ullian’s false allegations, adding that the news organization should not receive legal protection from journalists.

Fox News’s new appearances spend dozens of pages in Bartiromo, Piro և Dobbs’s personal lawsuits, claiming that their comments are a summary of what Trump’s advocates say, First Amendment opinions or statements that do not explicitly mention Smartmatic և in court there was no need to defend.

As an example, Fox News lawyers cite a tweet included in the Smartmatic trial, where Dobbs wrote: “Read all about Dominion և Smartmatic voting companies,: you will soon understand how widespread these democratic electoral frauds are, why they do not exist in the world. “The 2020 presidential election was either free or fair.”

They wrote that the announcement is just an opinion that the announcements made on Twitter should not be taken seriously.

“The courts in New York have recognized that Twitter is not a natural environment for a reasonable viewer to conclude that they are hearing factual facts about the plaintiff,” the lawyers said.

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