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Fox News corrects parts of Biden’s non-existent plan to limit American red meat consumption to 4 4 a year

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President Biden at a rally in Iowa during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. Scott Olson / Getty Images:

  • Fox News on Monday corrected non-existent portions of red meat quotas.

  • The snippets were part of Biden’s broader conservative media of seizing American burgers.

  • The president, in fact, does not have a climate plan that would limit red meat consumption.

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“President Joe Biden is not coming for your burgers,” Fox News host John on Roberts said Monday.

Last Friday, the network launched several segments based on a study by the University of Michigan that had nothing to do with the Biden administration.

As part of some of his coverage, Fox set out to study Biden’s cap on red meat consumption in an effort to combat the climate crisis, a proposal the president has never said he supports.

“On Friday, we told you about a study by the University of Michigan to give President Biden some ambitious perspective on climate change goals,” Roberts said. “This study, from 2020 onwards, found that reducing the amount of red meat would have a drastic effect on harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The picture and the script mistakenly assume that it is part of Biden’s climate change program. That’s not the case. “

The Daily Mail has been exploring Biden’s climate agenda, launching a series of misleading “fake stories” of conservative media to investigate further facts.

Many of the responses consumed four pounds of red meat a year, the result of a study of significant emissions reductions that Biden did not suggest.

Colorado Republican Rep. Laurent Robert made a note in the tweets Biden called on “not to leave my kitchen” by falsely pointing to the mandatory 90% reduction in meat cuts across the country.

Some of Fox’s billboards contained formulations such as “Biden bye Burger under the Biden climate program” և “90% of red meat along with Biden climate plan”.

According to CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale, the Daily Mail’s preliminary story proved that it was for Republican lawmakers and conservative media outlets spreading misinformation over the weekend.

New York Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer amused himself with a meaty cycle of news ahead of Sunday night’s Oscars, alluding to Fox Business Channel’s Larry Cudlow, complaining about Biden forcing Americans to drink “herbal beer” away. «

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