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Golden Corral flies, rodents in restaurants in the state of Casablanca, South Florida, which are not checked

Do not think that we have had a fly in the patient ակում’s closing list in the past. But we now have a list of restaurants in South Florida this week ցուց last week (technical difficulties) that have not been inspected.

We’re late, it ‘s almost lunchtime, so let’s get the worst of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach և Monroe.

First of all, mechanical items. The following is a list of restaurants in Florida’s Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe counties. The restaurant that fails the inspection remains closed until the inspection is completed. If you see a problem և want to check somewhere, contact DBPR, not us.

We do not control who is inspected, nor how strictly the inspector inspects. We do not cover all violations, just the most influential, whether internal or literally transferable (because it is alive or once alive). We report without passion or prejudice, but with a sense of humor.

In alphabetical order.

Casablanca Cafe, 3049 Alhambra St., Fort Lauderdale: Rodents from all overgrown nodes in the ocean had to move their landfills here.

Drops of six rodents on dirty food shelves, more than 20 on shelves near wine cooking line և “More than 30 rodents dump on shelves in dry warehouses where packaged food is stored or stored”.

Regular readers know this is as predictable as McDonald’s menu. Rodent breach usually walks on the floor with food breach. “Containers of melted squid և packed beef on the floor in the kitchen.”

Do not tell us that they use the laundry sink in the dishwasher area when it comes to metal sink sinks ող cleaning bucket և without soap.

Do you have cola and a smile? “The soda gun got dirty. The outside of the soda gun at the server station is dirty. ”

As inspectors were shocked, Casablanca underwent a new inspection on Thursday.

There are “ghost kitchens” in the parking lots of Miami. Under the new law, there may be more

Golden Corral, 7401 W. Commercial Blvd., Tamarac: The inspector stopped the Stop Sale pistol and used it when he saw that “about 25 flies were flying under the lobby, where a salad, fruit, and an open case of sliced ​​mushrooms were being prepared at a minced buffet station.”

In addition, in front of the fly, the three buzzed a thousand sliced ​​containers on the cutting board of the preparation table, and two landed on the box of potatoes.

“The main floors of the kitchen are heavily soiled with food debris,” which went into the drain for the ice machine, the front desk salad snack, and the three-chamber sink.

The next day the chain was open again.

Find another place for concussions and burgers. This favorite of UM in Gable was closed forever

Irie Takeout Restaurant, 5552 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Lauderhill: According to the 38 flies, the most interesting place was 10 “flying onions”, three “buckets with spices in the kitchen” – two of which landed on “clean” pots – dishes.

Stopped sales dropped on Jammin Delight juices (unconfirmed source) պահ To keep cool above 41 degrees: boiled chicken, pork-based stewed peas, boiled goat, cow cutlet, cocktail, boiled fish, chicken soup, fried fish և

There are no paper towels in the three-chamber sink or bar next to the hand-held washbasins. No one can stop at Walgreens.

“The cutting boards in question are contaminated.”

After checking the next day, Ieri was fine.

Vegan, a cheese alternative, is being recalled for salmonella in 17 states. Here’s what to do

Lakeside Anchor Inn, 2412 Floral Rd., Lake Worth: “A dead fly in a container of salt was used to spray aprons.”

It’s almost different enough to cast 82 pieces of rodents, 10 of which are in a new shock pack.

Where on the floor is breaking food companion rodents? Oh oh, there it is. “Onion soup և oysters of life, kept on the floor for more refrigeration.”

Nine animals roamed the house.

Stop Sales came across mushrooms stuffed with cheese, rice, baked potatoes, tuna, squid, lamb chops, onion soup, and blue cheese, which were stored in a 48-degree refrigerator but were supposed to keep food at 41 degrees.

“Flour and sugar are placed in a contaminated container.” And:

During the inspection, the inspector counted two flies on the dry storage racks, 16 live stumps և on rodent bins ավելի more than 50 և equipment.

Lakeside finally acquired it during a review on Wednesday.

More than ,000 26,000 worth of ready-to-eat food has been recalled. Why? Because it’s from China

Lorelei of Islamorada, 96 Modeira Road, Islamorada: Eight live fruits և 11 corpses, one of which was next to a hand sink և lets you know how often it was used, lower this check.

Five flies flew around the good kitchen.

Da you fall daiquiri “accumulation of STD / green moldy substance around the outlets of the frozen beverage dispenser”.

There was an “accumulation of lime scales” inside the dishwasher.

The paper towel dispenser of the sink did not work in the kitchen.

A new test was passed on Saturday.

Romeus Cuban Restaurant & Cafeteria, 6800 Dykes Rd., Southwest Ranches: Clear your traps, people!

“Accumulation of surface or trapped birds, insects, rodents or other pests in control devices … about 20 dead flies in a flying trap in the vector system.”

Seven of the 59 live-dead flies were on the wall, near the appetizer table where the meat grinder was kept, and eight on the wall in front of the preparation table, near the meat grinder (you know, they all just wait for the cutting machine used; the coffee grinder, then the sideboard time!); one dead fly in the hand sink; և 20 live plane trees.

The Stop Sales shock steak froze only և 48 to 50 degrees և rice pudding in an apparently inefficient cooling device.

The next day Romeo got it right.

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