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Let US Stacey Abrams Stealthy edit Op-Ed today to reduce support for boycotts in Support State

The United States has been accused of providing cover for Stacey Abrams after the news agency allowed Democrats in Democrats to edit an article in which she said she “could not argue” with people she prefers. Boycott his business state On March 31, in a statement on a corporate response to Georgia’s new voting law, which Abrams called “racist,” he wrote that he did not think boycotts were “still necessary.” However, he added. “Until we hear clear, unequivocal statements that companies in Georgia are getting what they’s at stake, I can not argue with an individual choosing to compete.” Two days after its release, Maygore League Baseball announced that it was withdrawing its 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta because of the state voting law. In response, USA Today allowed Abrams to strictly edit what he had edited. Most of the edits apparently have nothing to do with MLB’s decision to move the All-Star Game to Colorado, although Abrams added that losing the game և the MLB project could cost the state $ 100 million in lost revenue. He deleted the lines, saying that he could not argue with the people who are boycotting businesses in the state of Orjia,, instead wrote: In the revised version, Abrams also noted that “permanent jobs are being boycotted,” that “instead of boycotting, I strongly urge other measures, such as manufacturing businesses in Georgia, opposing our laws, and similar proposals from other states.” According to the online archive, Abrams’ piece was updated on the afternoon of April 6, but the editorial confirming the changes was not added for more than two weeks on April 22. Republican strategist Matt Whitlock tweeted that Politifact quoted him as defending the edited version of Abrams’ editorial that he had supported the boycott before the MLB decision. The fact-finding line “Boycotts make unchanged costs” was added when the amendment was updated on April 6, following a decision by the MLB. Not to mention the fact that Stacey Abrams published the law on the state of op-ed, saying that “boycotts work”, she would not accuse anyone of boycotting. Following in the footsteps of MLB, STEALTH edited Op-Ed with stronger language opposing boycotts. և The media used it to protect him. – Matt Whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) April 24, 2021 Attempts by National Review to reach USA հեռախոս e-mail փոստ by e-mail on Tuesday were unsuccessful. In a statement, USA Today parent company spokeswoman Gannett told Fox News: “We are sorry to hear that Stacey Abrams’ column is being monitored. As soon as we recognized that there was no editor’s note, we added it to the page to reflect its changes. We have reviewed our procedures to make sure it does not happen again. ” Democrats in Georgia’s nation-state claim that the new voting law in Georgia is intended to put pressure on voters in the state’s subway, where there are large minority voters. President Biden called the law “Jim my Crow on steroids” and lied about its provisions. Georgia’s Republican leaders have defended the law against attacks aimed at cracking down on minority voters, saying comparisons with Jim im Crowe are inappropriate. In an April 6 opinion article, USA Today Deputy Editor-in-Chief David Mastio wrote that lawmaking legislation is not like Jim im Crowe, it is more liberal than many other state election laws, and will probably not affect voter turnout.

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