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Government “avoids accountability” in WhatsApp messages

Prime Minister Boris John Onson (L) իտանի British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak (R) use their smartphones as they visit the Pizza Pilgrims West India Quay, London Docklands, 2020 On June 26.

Prime Minister Boris John Onson (L) և British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak (R) use their smartphones as they visit the Pizza Pilgrims in West India Quay, London Docklands, 2020 On June 26.

Ministers may be barred from using platforms such as WhatsApp և Signal for official communications if the legal challenge is successful.

Advocacy group Foxglove, on behalf of the Transparency advocates Citizens, accuses the government of not having a legal policy towards the “text government”.

Both cabinet and shadow cabinet members use WhatsApp և Signal.

Contact the Government Office for comment.

But in the past, a spokesman for the government office told the BBC that “relevant arrangements” were already in place to be loyal to the leadership, “that it is being reviewed regularly”.

Some instant messaging services allow you to permanently delete messages that critics say may be used by politicians and staff to avoid accountability.

The campaigners have threatened to sue the government if it does not withdraw its messages on such platforms within 14 days of its policy of how they adhere to the law.

Last month, they sent a legal letter with a similar request for transparency of such communication, but did not receive a personal response.

This new letter is a preliminary notice of initial action վերջ a final opportunity to respond before a lawsuit is filed.

Public posts:

According to official guidelines, which have existed since 2013, the record should be kept only “if it is necessary for substantive discussions or decisions in the course of doing business.”

For example, this law will apply to messages exchanged between special advisers և between the Minister և on government policy.

UK law requires that such messages be archived for recording, leaving the creator or recipient of such messages to “take action” to do so.

Messages on such platforms may be deemed self-destructive or permanently deleted, meaning that they may not be stored as a public record or disclosed at a later request for Freedom of Information (FOI).

“Unbridled ethno-religion”

“WhatsApp al Signal’s government is undemocratic: illegal,” said Carrie Shaw of Citizens.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“We see people և wholesale theft of evidence from history.”

Last month, the group sent legal letters to the government asking for clarification on these issues.

The Department of Digital, Culture, Information and Sports responded with a covered letter of thanks from Fox, which Foxglav said was a “game of time.”

Instant messaging

The challenge is to further investigate the government’s use of cell phones for official government communications.

No 10 launched an investigation after leaked text messages, first reported by the BBC, showed Mr son Onson that he could “fix” tax problems with Dyson staff who had come to the UK. to work on the epidemic.

It came shortly after the treasury released its two text messages from Chancellor Rishi Sunak amid a continuing lobbying dispute.

The Government Institute Research Center has campaigned for all official messages sent and received on official phones to be recorded.

“There needs to be a public record that something has happened,” associate director Tim Durant told the BBC. “Texting is essentially a conversation, like a meeting.”

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