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Harris and Pelosi make history in Biden’s joint address to Congress when the president says “the time has come”

 (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Before Biden’s joint address to Congress, Kamala Harris responded with a sublime word when asked about the importance of certain details of the event.

As they walked through the corridors of the US Capitol, the vice president was asked about the historical significance of the two women sitting in the President’s chair behind the President.

He simply answered. “Normal”.

Mrs. Harris as First Vice President և Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives This is the first time two women have appeared behind the President’s address in Congress.

Mrs. Harris’s sharp response was received with great enthusiasm on Twitter. Users made a post. “Correct answer”, “Yes”. Normal Love “, և” like a boss “.

When the president began his speech, he greeted. “Mrs. Speaker, Mrs. Vice President.”

“No president has ever said those words from this rostrum, no president has ever said those words. And the time has come. “

When Mrs. Harris handed over the copy of her speech, she told him: “I have been waiting a long time to do that.”

Former Trump White House Communications Director Alisa Farah tweeted: “I do not agree with them on 99% politics, but, man, it is very cool to see 2 women. “The Speaker և Vice-President is chairing a joint session of Congress for the first time in history.”

Ներկայացուցիչ Washington’s representative Pramila Ay Ayapal took to Twitter to post a photo of two women standing in front of Congress. “Mrs. Vice President Kamala Devi Harris.”

He followed, writing: “It is unbelievable to see a President with two powerful women behind him as vice-speaker of the House.”

This is the first time Mrs. Harris has sat behind the president in Congress.

During her two terms as Speaker, Mrs. Pelosi was also chaired by the House of Presidents George Org B. Under Bush, Barack Obama և Donald Trump.

During Mr. Trump’s last speech at the Union in 2020, he recalled his copy of the president’s remarks as he finished delivering them.

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