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He lost his beloved dog when he lost his home in Florida. Then came the incredible reunion

Consolidations can go several ways.

Here’s one that can make you blurry. You will feel good.

On Tuesday, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay shared a love story on its Facebook page.

It seemed that Tampa’s man had to make a “torturous” decision, but he did it out of love. He took his beloved dog to an animal shelter when he was homeless.

“She loved him, but she knew he could not take care of her properly. “Wanting the best for him, he brought us in, hoping he would find a better life,” the post reads.

It turns out that a better life seems to be shared again for them.

“Dakota was a wonderful, friendly dog, but strangely enough, he was not accepted,” says the Humane Society. “She has been waiting for weeks, and today she is on the phone. Her father had found a job, a new home, he was calling us with the very small possibility that we still have his best daughter. ”

Here comes the moment of self-awkward crying.

“When we brought Dakota to Dad, he screamed with absolute joy and ran straight into her arms. The young man was so overwhelmed with emotions that he began to cry. Let’s be real, so are we. It was a very moving moment. “

The reunion was so exciting, many strangers posted dog gift offers and other information on how they could help. The shelter gave the man a new chain, a collar and a six-month-old preventative medicine for the dog.

“Dakota’s smile is all thanks to us.”

As for the young man, the shelter did not give his name, but it seemed that he was posting inside the thread.

“He was my best friend for six years, the hardest thing I ever had to do, to give up on him; somehow no one chose my angel,” he said.

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