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Heaven will help us if court confirms DeSantis attack on free speech in Florida

Of all the bills passed by the Florida Legislature at this session, which were sometimes revived late at night and then quickly passed by GOP lawmakers, the most rude remains House Bill 1.

He is the son of Governor Ron Desantis, who has already signed the law.

The session will end soon, but HB 1 laid the groundwork for this year’s legislative theme. Deprive of local government: violate the constitutional rights of Floridians.

The non-profit advocates, known as the Advocacy Working Group, additional plaintiffs, have already filed a lawsuit challenging the governor’s new law, trying to have a devastating effect on those who take to the streets to protest their denied rights. The American tradition that the governor of Florida suddenly wants to limit.

This trial is one of the best things to come out of a bold legislative session that has led to few things to rejoice over.

HB 1 is an insidious, anti-democratic, non-American law.

Attempt to silence

To prevent social justice protests, the bill increases penalties for crimes committed during protests, but also allows even peaceful protesters and bystanders to be dragged away by police during violent protests.

In particular, Florida residents say it is an attempt to silence their demands for social justice, which have recently intensified since the death of George F. Floyd last year.

Before signing the bill, De Santis said: “We wanted to make sure that we could protect the people, the business and the property of the people of our great state against any kind of mob or violent gatherings.”

“Crowd actions” and “violent gatherings” are unacceptable. But it also allows the police to determine what the “riot” really is, to cast the widest possible network of people in the vicinity of the protest. HB 1 ignores the fact that strong laws against such violence ոչ destruction of property already exist.

Worse, HB 1 creates a new category of violent criminal behavior and then ruthlessly defends it.

The law covers vigilant protesters who insult or kill “insurgents” by allowing them to evade responsibility in civil proceedings.

What is a riot?

“Bill 1 is a terrible injustice to Florida citizens, it violates many constitutional rights,” said Shannon Ligon, who founded the group, which is challenging the new law in federal court in Orlando. DeSantis, Attorney General Ashley Moody և Orange County Sheriff John on Mina are named as defendants.

Under the new law, the plaintiffs wrote that peaceful demonstrations could be described as “riots” solely because of the misconduct of one or two people.

The law, among other things, creates a new crime – “aggravated riot”, which provides for a sentence of up to 15 years in prison; a new crime – “intimidation of the crowd”, which makes it illegal for “two or more people gathered for a person. who act with the common intention of using force or threatening to use force, coerce or coerce, or attempt to coerce or incite another person to take or refrain from taking or assuming, abandoning or maintaining a particular position against his will. ”

But there is still so-called freedom of speech, դ Florida people should sincerely hope that the court will remind the governor.

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