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Missy Peregrym thinks about “Stick it” 15 years later. “There Has Been Such a Blessing in My Life”

The actress remembers her favorite memories from the movie, including the horror of working with F. Bridges. 2006 was a golden year for young adult films: “Take a Step”, “He’s a Man” և “Ton Tucker Must Die”. There was “Stick It” starring Miss Peregrim, Hayley Graham, a young gymnast who rebels against sports – all that it means when she recovers from how her family has been traumatized. Today “Stick it” turns 15 years old. The film was directed by ess Esika Bendinger, who had just started writing “Continue”. That’s always like that movie, “Stick It” was lewd and beloved,, carved its unique place in the hearts of millennia over the years. These days you can see Missy Peregrym still hitting her ass, this time as a FBI agent on CBS, but she still remembers very well how she played Haley Graham. “At this point, it seemed like a long time ago, it didn’t even seem to be my life,” Peregrym told TheWrap, sitting down to discuss the film’s legacy. “I am really proud of that film. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to do so. I should not have managed to do that. That is, everything was against me. ” As it turned out, Peregrym was always the first choice of director Essica Bendinger for the role of Haley Graham, but it took some struggle with the studio. Peregrim had never made a film at the time, his previous television roles were all part of an ensemble rather than an actor. “Absolutely fair,” he said of their hesitation. The studio did not even send the script to Peregrym. it came straight from the Bendinger agency. According to Peregrym, Bendinger discovered him through a DVR. “He was recording gymnastics on TV. Do you know how it goes into the next program?” I don’t even know if he is already doing it, but it was before, ”says Peregrim. “And the show I was doing was after that,” he knew about me. An excerpt from a TV show I was doing. ” This does not mean that the studio did not want him at all. In the casting process, Peregrim was offered the role of an insidious girl, Anan Charis, while the hunt continued for Hayley. But Peregrym was not interested. “I was like, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t feel connected to everything.’ Everything is okay.’ And I said no, “Peregrim said. “I am a firm believer և I have to be, because that is what has happened in my life for you to get the role you have to get.” Eventually, Vanessa Langies was cast as Joanna. Bendinger continued to fight for Missy Peregrym, and now, 15 years later, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing any of the characters. And for Peregrym, it allowed him to play another iconic figure that year. “Right after Stick It, the director was really excited about me for ‘Step Up,'” says Peregrim. “And I had such a difficult time with Stick It. The training was so rigorous that filming was exhausting. So I was like. “I do not have the courage to dance now. I’m not a dancer. ” I would have to learn everything again, there is simply no chance. ” Even with that hesitation, Peregrim took part in the meeting, reading the role of Nora Clark, which will eventually be given to Enna Devan. “Cut it out, I’m in the same room with Channing Tatum now. Baby I’m sitting there «I’m like ‘What’ s happening now? ‘ և I read with her և then I have to do this dance thing. And I rejected it. “And for so long I’m been able to marry Channing Tatum,” Peregrim recalls with a laugh. “I was just too tired. I was very tired. And they came out at once, I remember thinking. “Who will believe me?” »: That said, he really had a strong lead in “Stick It”. He was just a little big. Alef Bridges played Balt Wickerman, Haley’s fake coach. Looking back at him as his primary scene partner, Peregrim remembers that he was terrified. “I mean, ff ef Bridges scared me of ugliness because I’m going to ruin his career, I hope I do not ruin his career.” You know? “I like that I do not want to be an unsuccessful film among his works,” confesses Peregrim. “I was so nervous working with him [but] she was really beautiful. He was so professional, approachable and open. Now that I know more about working with other people, he had a ZRO ego with him. She was there to learn as much as she could about gymnastics. I do not know how to describe. He was FF Bridges. ” Ironically, Burt Vickerman – Vick, in short, the character of Bridges was almost entirely me at the start of Stick It. As the film continued, he became an unexpected ally for Haley, helping her regain her love of gymnastics while bowing to her dumbness. For Peregrym, it was a real draw for Stick It. It was so different from most of the movies shown that year. “Really, when you start as a young girl, the things you get, it’s all about being sexy or starring in a horror movie, you kill sexually,” she says. “It’s all about showing off your body or being a girlfriend, that’s why ‘Stick It’ was so exciting for me. Because it had nothing to do with relationships. I had my friends. ” Rant is right, Peregrym had moments of showing off his body in “Stick It.” Those drops are all to him. That ice bath? 100% real ice. The gap in her abdomen during that ice bath. Not a double whammy. (Although Pergrim mentions that before that scene, everyone was staring at his belly, at that moment he was trying to focus on his nostrils because he insisted on doing the scene with real ice, something he had never done before, for which he immediately regretted. In fact, Peregrym was working so hard on his body that one day he really needed professional help to relax his muscles. “It simply came to our notice then. “Ess Esika had to bring her to the acupuncturist, and I lay on the make-up և hair attachment on this thing և they had to release my muscles in the body so we could shoot the other half,” says Peregrym. He still says it was worth it. Because at the end of the day, the movie was always more about showing his strength, the strength of athletes in general. “It was a much bigger story for Haley. It was deeper than that, ”he continues. “It was about real things, I think that’s why it lags behind, because the deeper story is that the family trauma will be healed, who you are, will be able to return to your favorite places, even if it has been destroyed. by someone or something else. That’s a wonderful story. ” Indeed, the film “Stick to it”, which has become obsolete over the years. In fact, it continues to bring new audiences. According to Peregrym, he still stands on the street for that, for which he is eternally grateful. “It’s such a great honor that so many people have watched it, loved the film, I’m still really proud of it,” says Peregrim. “It has been such a blessing in my life, I’m just moved that it has brought so much joy to the lives of others. I mean, that’s why we do it. ” Read the original story Missy Peregrym refers to “Stick” 15 years later. “There has been such a blessing in my life” on TheWrap

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