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Homeland Security is launching an internal audit to establish white supremacy in its ranks



The US Department of Homeland Security will conduct an internal investigation to address the issue of internal violence within its ranks, a recent investigation by federal law enforcement agencies and US agencies in the Capitol Rebellion amid a growing threat of white supremacy.

“Domestic violence is one of the deadliest terrorist threats to our country today,” said Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas on Monday. “As we work to protect our nation, we need to be vigilant, both in the wider community and in our organization, to expose and combat the extremism of domestic violence. “Hate actions և violent extremism will not be tolerated within our department.”

The review follows a similar move by the Pentagon to investigate “prohibited extremist activities” and “extremist behavior” within the US military.

Joe Biden has tried to put the fight against domestic violence at the center of his homeland’s security agenda.

In January, DHS issued a terrorist advisory bulletin warning that “ideologically motivated violent extremists” based on “perceived grievances fueled by false stories” could “continue to be mobilized to incite or use violence.” The warning is valid until April 30.

A recent unclassified joint intelligence report commissioned in the early days of the presidency found that racially and ethnically motivated violence, like violent armed groups, posed the “latest” threat to the United States.

The perpetrators of racist violence are likely to “carry out mass casualties” against Americans, according to a report by the Office of National Security, Director of National Intelligence and the US Department of Justice.

Domestic violence extremists, based on “a number of ideologies, galvanized by recent political and social events,” pose a “high threat” to the United States in 2021.

Agencies say fake stories about the 2020 presidential election, the Capitol Uprising, conspiracy theories and the conspiracy theories and conditions of the coronavirus epidemic will “almost certainly” fuel more violence.

A recent report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies shows that an increasing number of active-duty military personnel are involved in domestic terrorism plots. The number of members of the service involved in terrorism has increased from 6.4% to 1.5% in 2019.

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies have come under heavy scrutiny in the wake of the Capitol attack, in which dozens of police officers, public security personnel and military veterans have been charged or linked to the attack.

Lawmakers have urged the FBI to investigate white supremacy among federal law enforcement.

The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Uray, has also repeatedly told members of Congress that white violence remains a major threat to the country.

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