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How Biden turned the Trump era upside down

President Biden comments on the administration's coronavirus response outside the White House (REUTERS)

President Biden comments on the administration’s coronavirus response outside the White House (REUTERS)

Colorado Senator Michael Bennett told voters during his infamous Democratic presidential campaign. “If you elect me president, I promise you will not have to think about me for two weeks at a time.”

Mr Bennett would eventually step down shortly before the election when voters handed over the nomination to then-Vice President Biden, now the 46th President of the United States. But Mr Biden has largely been able to keep up with Coloradan’s campaign promise during his first 100 days, even though his administration has made significant changes in trying to move its predecessor’s policies to the dustbin of history.

Perhaps the most notorious aspect of Donald Trump’s presidency was the end of his predecessor’s presidency.

According to the President of, Mr. Biden spoke only 36% of the volume of words, as Mr. Trump did during the last 100 days of his tenure, he only had a camera for 40% of Mr. Trump’s last 100%. days only. And although the vast majority of Mr. Trump’s cameras came from impromptu media access, during which he often stopped his own administration from reporting, Biden’s appearances were largely carefully codified political addresses, often chronologically marked to highlight or underline significant nodes. Dissemination of policy.

The low power of Biden’s presidency has spread to an environment that may have described Mr. Trump better than Twitter. Although the former president has already been banned from his favorite social media platform 11 days before leaving office, the remaining 89 of his 100 were seen sending 2,770 tweets through his former @realDonaldTrump account. On the contrary, Biden, who does not write or send his own tweets, has tweeted only 171 times since taking office on January 20.

But the relative absence of a presidential scandal in the early days of the Biden administration denies significant change.

One of the most visible? Return of White House press briefings.

Under Mr. Trump, who often slammed his speakers with his irregular public statements, often based on what he saw on television, Mr. Biden has left the day-to-day business of sending messages to his biggest spokesmen. In contrast to the last days of the Trump era, when former White House spokeswoman Kaylee McCain’s military presence in White Ames Brady’s briefing hall was dwindling, her successor, Ps Psaki, told reporters almost every week after Mr. Biden was sworn in. The White House has also had frequent briefings with its Covid-19 response team, but unlike those conducted by the White House Coronavirus Task Force under Trump, they are always led by experts, not the president or vice president.

The advent of expert-led briefings marks another significant departure from the Trump era, when senior Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials were barred from conducting their own briefings following a warning from Dr. Nancy Messonie, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. In February 2020, this “disruption of daily life from the coronavirus could be serious.”

Another major break in Biden’s Trump-era White House was the new administration’s implementation of coronavirus security measures in the day-to-day operations of the White House.

Under Mr. Trump, the White House was often the site of so-called “over-distribution events,” after which many White House staffers, guests, and even the president were diagnosed with Covid-19, despite a program that linked the virus to Mr. Trump.

But on the afternoon of January 20, the Biden administration made rapid changes to the White House. At present, anyone passing through the gates of the White House is either screened for coronavirus by White House medical staff or must provide evidence of a self-administered negative test that day.

The number of staff working on the spot has sharply decreased. Many White House officials, even Mr. Biden’s top employees worked from home in the same way as many other federal employees. Mr Biden also signed an order imposing masks on federal property, another break from his predecessor, who often ridiculed the idea of ​​covering his face to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Perhaps the most significant change in the behavior of Mr. Biden and his staff advisers.

Under Mr. Trump, only one member of the president’s cabinet, consisting of 15 executives, was either non-white or female. Minister of Labor Elaine Chao.

In contrast, Mr. Biden has a cabinet of one-third (Treasury, Home Affairs, Commerce, Housing, Urban Development, and Energy), one-third non-white, including First Native American Home Secretary, First Secretary of Defense.

Mr. Of Biden’s 1,500 political appointments, the White House report found that 58% went to women, 18% to blacks, 15% to Hispanics, 15% to Asian-American or Pacific Islands. They are going to be appointed respectively to people of Middle Eastern և Native American descent.

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