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How Kamala Harris falsifies her own path as vice president while not overshadowing Biden

Minutes ago, President Biden addressed his first speech at a joint congressional hearing. His remarks urged him to “ask the Vice President to lead” his infrastructure efforts.

But when Biden reached the line, he moved to Kamala Harris, who was sitting on a chamomile above him, adding the phrase “if he wished.”

“Of course,” Harris replied before Biden turned around, expressing his confidence in him, saying, “because I know it will end.”

The request immediately shifted the focus to Harris. Whether he wants it or not, the first black man of South Asian descent in the second highest elected office, being the first woman, the first person, has already drawn unusual attention to the vice president.

“He will be in the spotlight, no matter what he puts himself in,” said Brian Brockaw, Harris’s former political adviser and campaign manager. “I think he will probably be more covered than any vice president – at least at this stage of the administration – than anyone in recent history. But he is not ahead of anyone there. ”

Harris, like most vice presidents, had to carefully act as a trusted adviser to the president, who is seen as a team player inside and outside the White House. Any Takes project he undertakes should be seen as a promotion of the president’s priorities; դեպքում in no way can he be considered as trying to overshadow Biden or run for president.

“The key to the vice president’s success is to focus on the future now, not on the future,” said Saint’s Goldstein, a law professor and vice president’s expert at the University of St. Louis. “When people speculate about the future, it creates problems for the vice president.”

In interviews, Harris senior aides spoke of the vice president’s efforts to shape policy on the president’s agenda, his emphasis on neglecting historically marginalized groups. They said that the efforts made in the COVID package երում the Vice President’s efforts to draw attention to the declining number of women in the workforce.

“He is constantly pushing us to think about who is not involved in the policy that should be, let’s work to make sure that when people see that policy, they see themselves in that policy.” said Rohini Kosoglu, Harris’s domestic policy adviser.

Harris’s chief economic adviser, Michael Pyle, said the vice president’s team worked closely with the president’s team to develop proposals for key employees, including children. The result was an expansion of the tax credit for childless workers, which he said was “at the heart of the rescue plan” – an extension of the tax credit for families with children.

“In the plan of salvation, those who really cared about me are a kind of breakthrough in terms of achieving the results of his policies, which will have tangible benefits for the people,” said Pyle.

Harris is often in the room with Biden for briefings and key announcements. But he is more and more falsifying his own path, traveling alone, meeting alone with high-ranking foreigners. In April, he met with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at the White House in his office before meeting with Biden.

He is set to make his first international trip as vice president in June alone to meet with leaders in Mexico and Guatemala to curb the migration of their citizens, which poses a major problem on the southern border of the United States.

White House spokesman En Psaki said Harris’s work on migration բարձր raising the issue of vaccine fluctuations are examples of people who “do not always hear their voices” convinced that there is someone at the White House who has a seat at the table. who speaks on behalf of those communities. ”

“Harris has a unique perspective as a former Attorney General,” Psaki said in an interview. “You can see how he asks questions of the congregations, how he initiates business in meetings.”


In an interview with CNN this month on his first 100 days in office, Harris referred to the fact that Biden chose him as vice president, despite their “very different life experiences,” even though they have similar values ​​and principles.

“But it was something I know he was very deliberate in asking me to run with him to serve him, that is, I will bring a perspective that will contribute to our overall decisions,” Harris said. ,

Brockaw said he expects Harris to increase his public presence as the epidemic weakens.

“I think it will only become more and more visible as the country continues to open up,” he said. “I think we will continue to see that he is a strong presence both from the president and from his right.”

Goldstein, of St. Louis University, said Harris was still trying to figure out the right balance between being a backstage adviser to the president and “getting attention-grabbing public assignments.”

“One of the challenges of becoming a vice president is that most of what you do is behind the scenes,” he said. “You put in some kind of work when you meet with the president or in the policy-making process, but then after making decisions, your job is to help carry it out.

Goldstein said Walter Mondale, vice president of Wal-Քm Carter, endorsed the modern approach to the role, stating that the best thing any vice president could do to promote his own political future was to help the administration succeed. Harris spoke to Mondal this month, days before his death.

Harris, 56, who ran for president last year before joining Biden, is expected to run for the White House again.

“Given Biden’s age, he will definitely be a one-time president, which means that in the second half of Biden’s tenure, Harris will enjoy great prestige,” wrote historian Ron Chernow in an e-mail.

“I think he should give him some independent portfolios, some big, difficult problems, so that they do not see that he is always standing in his shadow, ‘figuratively’, literally,” he added.

“Biden is handing over the issue of migration to Harris,” Chernow said.

Goldstein said Biden asking Harris such a difficult question was a sign of confidence in him.

“If you have a vice-president who only facilitates, they feel good problems, it probably means that on really tough things, the president will turn to other people,” he said.

Current and former aides have described Biden և Harris’ relationship as “really warm”, linking their memories of the president’s late son, Bow Biden.

And although they have previously served in the Senate at different times, from different generations, they have been described as respecting each other, as evidenced by the way Biden usually turns to Harris for his opinion.

“You can really see that they make decisions after consulting with each other,” Psaki said. “How it should work.”

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