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Idaho police mock LeBron James Ames tweet after police shooting, gets 3M TikTok views

An Idaho law enforcement official has gone viral in recent days after posting a video on TikTok criticizing NBA star LeBron James Ames for his comments on a police shooting in Ohio.

Other videos show the Marshal of Idaho defending a Minnesota police officer who shot dead a man after confusing him with his gun.

Los Angeles Lakers star James Ames took to Twitter last week to post a photo of Columbus Ohio Police Officer Nicholas Reardon after an officer executed 16-year-old Machiavelli Bryant, who is in prison, four times. After that, in a deleted tweet, James Ames wrote “YOU HAVE A SON # RESPONSIBILITY”.

The tweet seemed to relate to the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Shavin, who was found guilty of killing Flo Floyd Floyd just a day before Ohio police shot him.

After the shooting, the police released a video of the body camera, which allegedly showed Bryant attacking another black man with a knife.

Nate Sylvester, an officer in the office of Bellu Marshall, a small town south of Ketchup in Blaine County, posted a video on TikTok mocking James Ames’ tweet. As he sits in the driver’s seat of the patrol car, Sylvester asks the imaginary person outside the car to stab him as he pretends to call from the NBA superstar.

“There is a boy who is trying to stab another boy. What do you think I should do?” Sylvester asks Ames.

He later supposes that Ames asked what the two-man race was, to which he replied, “Why is that possible?”

“Okay, okay, they’re both here!” One boy tries to stab another boy. “The deadly force is completely justified,” said Sylvester.

He pauses, then asks. “So you do not care if a CC person kills another CC, but you do care if a white police officer kills CC, even if he does it to save another CC person.” »

Before leaving, Sylvester says: “I mean, it doesn’t make sense at all, but for once, you’re really good at basketball, so I guess I’ll do what you say.”

The TikTok video garnered more than 3 million views in the second half of Monday.

In other videos on her TikTok account, Sylvester defended former Brooklyn-based police officer Kim Potter, who was charged with second-degree murder after Downt Wright’s death. Potter was fired from his job as an officer and later charged after he reportedly confused his Taser with his pistol.

Responding to the comment, Sylvester said in a video last Wednesday that Potter had made a mistake, but “had at least 26 balls to carry the badge to do the job for 26 years in an area like Minneapolis.”

According to Newsweek, Sylvester’s Instagram account posted a video of people lying on the street before photographing the inside of a car that has been hit by multiple blows. It is reported that the inscription said: “I’s boys (former President Donald) on the way to Trump rally.”

As of Monday afternoon, the call had not been returned to the office of Belvio Marshall.

Sylvester TikTok account had more than 167,000 followers in the second half of Monday.

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