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Idaho police officer whose TikTok mocked LeBron James Ames for his Ma’Khia Bryant comments has raised $ 300,000

LeBron James Ames police officer

The GoFundMe campaign raised about $ 300,000 for an Idaho police officer who made TikTok mock LeBron James Ames. Excerpt via TikTok

  • Donors raised $ 300,000 for an Idaho police officer who made a viral TikTok video.

  • In the video, the officer mocked LeBron James Ames և for his concerns about police shootings.

  • The officer said he did not want to make a profit for the police “in these very difficult situations”.

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Donors raised nearly $ 300,000 over three days on behalf of a small Idaho police officer whose viral TikTok mocked LeBron James Ames for expressing concern over the murder of 16-year-old Machiavelli Bryant.

The money was raised for Idaho State Police Officer Nate Sylvester in Bellue through a GoFundMe campaign organized by a man who described himself as Sylvester’s “best friend.” In the description of the campaign, the organizer noted that Sylvester was suspended without pay due to the video.

As the governor of Idaho announced on Saturday, Bellevue officials have not yet confirmed whether Silvester has really been suspended.

Bellevue Marshal Mind Hale did not immediately return Insider’s request to comment on Sylvester being hired by the city police. Silvester also did not immediately return Insider’s request for comment.

“Bello Marshall’s office is aware of the extreme controversy surrounding Marshall Sylvester’s viral TikTok,” Marshall’s office said in a statement posted on Facebook on Tuesday. “The announcements are NOT made by the Bellevue Marshal office.”

It said it was a “personnel issue” that was being investigated internally.

In the viral video, which garnered 5.1 million views on Saturday, with more than 700,000 likes, Sylvester sat inside his police car and made a headline titled “Here We Go Again.”

“Dispatcher, I’ve come,” Sylvester said, pretending to speak on his police radio. The background of the video is music from “Spongebob”.

He also rolled down the window and started talking to the people outside, even though it did not look like he was actually talking to anyone.

“Excuse me, sir, can you put the knife down, sir?” Sylvester said in the video, pointing out that one of the characters outside the ski had a knife.

He then pretended to receive a phone call from Los Angeles Lakers basketball star LeBron James Ames. After the assassination of Bryant on April 21, James Ames posted և finally deleted a tweet that said: “YOU ARE A SON.” James Ames calls for “accountability” ում tweeted a photo of Nicholas Reardon, an officer who killed Buran four times.

James Ames later deleted the tweet to prevent further hatred, he said.

The script clearly refers to Bryant, who appeared on another girl with a knife filmed in the camera of the police body. Bryant’s assassination sparked outrage, with the mayor of Columbus calling on the Department of Justice to reconsider its use of police force in any case of racial bias.

The shooting on April 20 took place about half an hour ago, when the jury found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Shovin guilty of all charges.

“What do you think I should do?” Sylvester asked the basketball player with a skate. James Ames was not really on the other end of the phone.

Sylvester later said that the hero of his knife-wielding ski was S., hinting that the fake James Ames had asked about the male race.

“Well, they are both,” he said. “One boy tries to stab another boy with a knife. The deadly power is completely justified.

“That is, you do not care if a CC person kills another CC, but it does not matter to you if a white police officer kills a CC, even if he does it to save another CC’s life.” Sylvester asked James Ames.

At the end of the video, Sylvester thanked James Ames, pretended to hang up the phone, and told the fancier outside his window that they were themselves, wishing them “good luck.”

In another video posted on his page, Sylvester also defended Minnesota Police Officer Kimberly Potter, who shot and killed Downt Wright in his car last month when he said he wanted to unload his Taser, not his weapon.

“It took a long time for a female officer in the Diane Wright incident,” she said. “He made a huge mistake. That’s awful. That’s awful. But at least he had the balls to carry the logo ելու to do that work for 26 years in an area like Minneapolis. ”

The Instagram account, which appeared to belong to Silvester, included a pro-Trump meme և who seemed to be joking about running over protesters on the road, Newsweek first reported.

In a video posted on TikTok on Friday, Sylvester thanked the donors and said he wanted to get the discussions out of him and provide more support to the police.

“Through this GoFundMe campaign, I want to focus on the bigger picture of me being a law enforcement officer across the country,” he said. “We see that good police officers are literally leaving their jobs because they no longer deserve to be police officers.

“They have no other incentive to do the job. It’s not safe for them or their families. “They are constantly being ignored, demonized by Hollywood, the media, we can not stand it anymore.”

He added that he was in the “early stages” of setting up a non-profit organization, which exists to help officers who “find themselves in these very difficult situations”.

“We are going to upgrade and launch it,” he said. “We will start taking care of our men and women in blue.”

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