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India’s deadly viral wave follows crowded events

NEW DELHI (AP) – The death toll from COVID-19 in India has risen to more than 200,000 as a wave of the virus spread across the country, rooted in so-called over-distribution events that were allowed to take place months after India thought that the epidemic is under control,

India now has its darkest head, with mass burials of pirates, burials, and the collapse of the health care system, combined with a lack of oxygen, ventilators, and hospital beds.

The fuel for the disaster was a series of crowded events, such as mass demonstrations by politicians like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, religious holidays and pilgrimages along the Ganges, where people calmed down, did not wear masks or kept their social distance.

The Ministry of Health on Wednesday reported 3,293 deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the death toll in India to 201187. It is estimated that 17.9 million deaths և confirmed cases are sub-accounts.

Now the channel is sending its healthcare system to collapse. Hospitalization and death reached record highs. Patients suffocate as hospitals use up their oxygen supply. Fires in unloaded crematoria illuminate the night sky.

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