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It is reported that Trump may run for president again just to return to television

Daily Beast:

The latest conspiracy to undermine Biden’s election continues in its entirety

Photo by Daily Beast / Getty. The ongoing “audit” of the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa, Arizona, sends a person directly connected to the QAnon conspiracy theory. President Joe Biden won in Arizona և Maricopa. 2020 elections, a victory that was confirmed by many bipartisan allusions. But last week, the Republican-led coalition began its own recount of votes in the Marikopa region, a process run by conspiracy tweeting tech և funded by an unknown layer of donors. The calculation has just begun, but the audit has become almost inseparable from the far right. There, auditors look at the safety tips offered by Ron Watkins, a man suspected of helping to give birth to QAnon addiction. It should be noted that the audit is not mandatory. The Republican governor of Arizona, the secretary of state and the chief judge of the state Supreme Court had previously confirmed Biden’s victory. However, the recount was accepted by a conspiracy theorist who sought to question 2020. Elections, including former President Donald Trump. Watkins is the former administrator of 8Kun, the host of the QAnon Conspiracy Theory Forum, which falsely accuses Trump’s enemies of Satanic pedophilia and cannibalism. The new HBO documentary claims that Watkins is one of the authors of the conspiracy theory. Watkins, who did not return a comment, denied that he was anonymous “Q”. He was a partner with QAnon. Now he wants them arrested. That did not stop him from entering the immigration process with an extra dose of paranoia. Even before the audit began, Watkins speculated that it might be attacked by insurgents. “Will the Maricopa district deploy police to protect auditors from insurgents?” he posted on his Telegram channel in mid-April. “Will the police end up standing?” You can not have information security without physical security. ” He was not the only QAnon person who caused these fears. Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, without evidence, claimed that anti-fascists and “Lives matter” activists would attack the audit. “I’m telling you now, I’ll tell you today, because we have information that they can bring people down from Portland to Seattle to stop them,” Flynn said in a speech this month. “I want to hinder the finding of the truth, the discovery of the truth.” Watkins goes on to say that the leftists were traveling to protest against the audit. A process that no one outside the far right has taken seriously. “If you have evidence, chat logs, or information about BLM or antifa booking rooms in Arizona to appeal the audit, please email me,” he wrote a few days later. So far no threat has been made. Outside the veterans’ memorial site, the outrage seems to have been vested in the Maricopa County Republican Majority Oversight Board, which had previously approved Biden’s voting ballot. A flag photographed by the Republic of Arizona. “The board of auditors is the enemy of the nation.” But after months of “Stop Stealing” memories of voter fraud, the security theater has steadily escalated with some semi-official help. The event is currently being secured by Arizona Rangers, a law enforcement aide who has raised more than $ 130,000 on GoFundMe since launching an out-of-court patrol. On Monday evening, the last two donations ($ 100 each) read: “Because I want to tell the truth once and for all, plus I want the right President to return to office, and that’s Trump.” Եւ WWG1WGA! (“WWG1WGA is a QAnon motto). The observers on the right are not satisfied. They want to strengthen security even more. Trump is urging Gov. Doug Ducy to hire more guards. “The Republican Party is urging Arizona Gov. Ducay to immediately provide comprehensive security for the brave American patriots who are undergoing a forensic examination of the 2020 presidential election,” Trump wrote in a recent statement. On Facebook, the Arizona Rangers posted an article about Trump commenting on the Gateway Pundit. The article ended with the assertion that “the Colosseum is well preserved, there are unpredictable cases if someone tries to intimidate their way. “But the Democrats are desperate. They will do anything, even steal elections to gain power.” (Rangers, a group of more than 400 officers, receive no state funding, no police powers. They did not return a comment.) Watkins’ links to the audit have been investigated in the past. The recount is being conducted by Cyber ​​Ninjas, a Florida-based company whose CEO, Doug Logan, has put forward conspiracy theories about the election and has repeatedly written in Watkins. Watkins’ Telegram Audit reports are often divided into groups devoted to the pointless process. But in Arizona, these channels are more than just group chats. The launch of the biggest channel claimed that a live interview was conducted by an official appointed by the Senate, who is responsible for overseeing the audit. (The official declined to comment on Monday.) On Monday, Logan, CEO of Cyber ​​Ninjas, argued in court that his audit methods should be kept secret, that the reconsideration hearing should be closed to the media. . This commitment to confidentiality comes even when conservative parties promote what they claim to be unannounced audit results. An image that appeared on the far right of the OAN network և some similarly conspiratorial blogs shows the counting of alleged Arizona ballots. is cited as suspicious for reasons such as “missing ballots cast from addresses other than where voters are legally residing.” The result is more than 250,000 “possible illegal votes” without graphic source claims. The origin of the graphics is unknown. A spokesman for Logan ջանք ջանք ջանք: ուդ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The OAN presenters who advertised the graphic work were involved in organizing a fundraiser for the audit. Despite the ongoing recount, one of the presenters recently appeared on OAN, announcing that the process “will reveal the democratic schemes from 2020.” Another standard riff appeared on the unsourced schedule in the blog, which announced: “It Happens to the Patriots. The Wisdom Appears.” (Trump did not win.) That post was shared by Bobby Python, manager of a financial planning firm based in Illinois. In the past, Piton has put forward allegations of voter fraud in Arizona (analysis by USA Today found the allegations to be false). Python, who arrived by phone, told The Daily Beast that he was working on an unofficial audit after Logan asked him for help. Python said he and Watkins had been in contact for the past year and had recently contacted each other again to discuss the Arizona audit. “He just reached out and said, ‘I see you are doing God’s work,'” Python told The Daily Beast. “And I said, ‘Yes, I’m trying, I’m trying.” And you know, he treats what he does the same way. And we just just kind of talked, I guess about the ballots. We were just talking about UV lights [auditors are shining UV lights on the ballots]”We’re just kind of hitting the tires around it, the different technologies that can be used to detect voter fraud in the future, how we can come up with ideas that we share with the public, we work together.” Python said he did not know much about QAnon Ու that Watkins denied Q. Saying that Piton said he did not really care if Watkins was behind the conspiracy theory. He just wanted to continue the absurd exercise in Arizona. “Is there anything like that?” said Python. “Frankly, it does not matter what I work with them.” Read more in The Daily Beast. Send The Daily Beast here: Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Register now! Daily membership of animals. Beast Inside deepens the stories that may be important to you. Learn more

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