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Justice Department releases new videos showing Officer Brian Siknik’s attack during Capitol riots

Disorders of the Capitol

Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as they push through barricades in Washington to attack the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Roberto Schmidt / AFP Getty Images

  • A new video of the US Capitol attack shows Officer Brian Siknik allegedly attacked.

  • Prosecutors say Siknik, who died a day after the riots, was sprayed with irritating chemicals.

  • The medical examiner ruled that Siknik had died of natural causes, but said the siege “played a role in his condition”.

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The US Department of Justice on Wednesday released a series of new videos showing the alleged attack on Officer Brian Siknik during the January 6 attack on the Capitol. wash his eyes.

Siknik, 42, died a day after the siege and was attacked as a hero. In early April, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Washington decided that Siknik had died of natural causes. The medical examiner found that the officer had suffered two blows before his death. He told The Washington Post that “everything that happened during the Capitol riots played a role.” [Sicknick’s] Condition:

The videos were cited as evidence in the case of two men accused of attacking Siknik during the uprising by spraying chemical irritants on him. George ort Thanios from Morgantown, West Virginia; Julia Cater, from Pennsylvania State College;

Tanios և Khater was not charged in connection with Siknik’s death.

Prosecutors have previously described և footage of the two men in court, but on Wednesday it was reported that the footage became available to the public for the first time. The agency initially rejected media requests to release the video, citing possible security concerns, but the Justice Department later granted it after a coalition of 14 media outlets filed a lawsuit in federal court citing “public interest” in watching the video. evidence, according to NPR.

The footage was taken according to a video of six surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the riot, three cameras of the DC police body and one cell phone of an observer, NBC News reports.,

In the videos, Khater is seen wearing a “pumpkin bin at the top”, while Tanios is seen in a red baseball cap. Prosecutors say the video shows Khater և Tanios approaching a police line on the Lower West Terrace of the Capitol building, where Siknik and other officers were stationed.

Pm am 14. At around 14 o’clock, the prosecutors say that Khater sees how he is walking towards Tanios, then he puts his hand in his backpack, saying: “Give me that bear.” Tanios, according to reports, answers. “Stand up, hold on, not yet, not yet. .. It is too early to “:

Kater picks up the box from Tanios’ backpack and walks to an area “a few steps” away from the police perimeter, according to court records. Prosecutors say the video shows Khater throwing canals at officers while “moving his hand from side to side.”

The legal documents stated that Capitol Police Officers Siknik, Caroline Edwards, and Metropolitan Police Department Officer D. Chapman was standing a few meters away from Khater, everyone was responding to the hair on his face, retreating, “bringing their hands to their eyes.” find water to wash their eyes. “

The DC medical researcher said that Post Sicknick did not have an allergic reaction to the chemical irritants, which could have caused him to have a sore throat.

Neither Khater nor Tanios are accused of violating the Capitol during the riots.

In a motion to dismiss the investigation, Khater argued that a chemical sprayer was possible, which weakened Siknik for a moment, and that other officers could come from other law enforcement agencies, given the chemical sprays provided by the police. Tanios’s defense said he “categorically denies any wrongdoing.”

Both men remain in custody pending a court hearing on May 6.

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