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Kansas City officials are proposing a “little house” village to help address homelessness

Kansas City officials announced Wednesday that they are considering a new initiative that could create a small home-like village for homeless people.

The creation of a village of 150 is under discussion, where there are easy-to-build shelters that vary from one person to a family. The exact location of the site has yet to be determined, but the city is looking for an area where, among other social services, housing can be offered.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas cited the exemplary home և the general idea as a first step in helping the homeless population of Kansas City, offering a sense of dignity և pride in housing options.

“Apartment is the key to many things in Kansas City,” said Lucas. “Public safety, education, everything that comes from having a place to start every day.”

The typical house in Bartle Hall showed that the city authorities hope that they can be part of the solution to provide shelter to the needy. The one-room model had an air conditioner, shelves and a locked door.

Mayor Brian Platt says funding for the concept could come from federal funds to alleviate the economic woes of the COVID-19 epidemic. He added that the initiative could take root in a few weeks.

Platt added that the number of homeless people was much higher than previously estimated. He noted that during the colder months, about 350 people took refuge in the Bartle Hall heating center.

The news comes that homelessness has become one of Kansas City’s top priorities following a month-long protest in City Hall where tents were pitched over lawns.

On April 8, City Council members unanimously adopted a measure that could provide up to 500 hotel rooms as temporary accommodation for up to 90 days.

It was a hastily pursued proposal agreed upon by Lucas և the Kansas City Homeless Association, after a few days of deliberations by the պաշտոն City Officials ումը.

Most of the people who moved to hotel rooms the day after the resolution passed were living in dozens of tents camped in the southern meadow of the City Hall. The barn was established in February as a protest to promote the needs of the homeless community in Kansas City.

At the time of the hotel announcement, Lucas said he was looking for support for longer-term solutions. Lucas noted that 90 days will give stakeholders time to work on two other goals. Land Bank for Permanent Residence և Manpower Initiative.

Hotels removed and added

City spokesman Chris Hernandez confirmed on Wednesday that guests were being relocated from two hotels to hotels in the area.

“We are receiving some complaints about the disrespectful treatment of our residents’ hotels,” he said. “We want to insist that all our residents be treated with respect.”

The city asked the hotels to send them tariffs քանակ number of rooms available. Hernandez said that since Tuesday, one hotel where individuals have moved has returned at “very high prices” – more of an “all or no” offer.

“We did not think it was financially responsible because we had to be flexible out of necessity, so we did not want to be locked in a situation where we would pay for rooms we did not use,” he said. ,

They currently have about a dozen hotels involved in the program.

As of Tuesday, Hernandez said they have about 350 rooms depending on the day. Some rooms can accommodate families or couples, so they can accommodate more than 350 people.

The city has also partnered with local agencies to provide wrapped services to guests, including medical care, counseling and employment services. He added that some individuals were able to move to more permanent apartments.

Reconciliation services visit to help people obtain identity documents or other personal documents. Other nonprofits, including Jewish Family Services and ReNewed Hope, have partnered with Harvesters to supply fresh fruit and non-perishable goods. Volunteers with free hot soup sign up to volunteer to deliver food to hotels on schedule.

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