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Kansas City Subway reports about 100 COVID-19 cases, with no new deaths on Saturday

There were 96 new cases of coronavirus infection in the Kansas City subway area on Saturday, as well as additional deaths.

To date, the virus has infected 145,647 people, killing 2,138 people in the area, which includes Kansas City, Exxon, Clay, Plate County, Kansas, John Onson, and Wyandot.

The seven-day moving average for new cases was about 160. 126 a week ago and 110 a week ago, according to The Star. Over the weekend, John Onson և Vayandot states no longer release new data.

At the height of the epidemic, the average seven-day commute in the subway was over 1,100.

Missouri has so far reported 502,267 infections and և 8743 deaths. The seven-day positive test rate as of Saturday was 5%.

The state has administered more than 3.9 million doses of the vaccine, and according to Missouri, 37.6% of the population has initiated the vaccine. The state has received more than 5.3 million doses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Last-day updates were released on Friday, with Kansas reporting a total of 309,130 ​​infections, including 4,982 deaths. The monthly positive test rate was 3.1%.

More than 1.9 million doses have been administered in Kansas, with 38.4% of the population receiving at least one dose, according to the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment. The state has received more than 2.5 million doses of the vaccine.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the virus has infected more than 32.3 million people across the country, killing nearly 576,000 people. More than 151.5 million people worldwide are positive about the virus, and almost 3.2 million people have died.

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