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Lancaster County Fire Chief apologizes for racially anesthetized post

The head of the South Carolina Fire Department apologized after posting a racially anesthetic post on Facebook about the Blackbird և police, which he said was aimed at “fake news” media.

Lancaster County officials have condemned the remarks, but said the county could not be held liable for disciplinary action because the head volunteered at an independent fire department.

Francis “Butch” Gent, a firefighter from the McDonald Green Fire Department south of Lancaster, posted the announcement on his Facebook page on Thursday. “Dear police, stop responding to these black neighborhoods. “They will eventually kill each other. False rumors will have no history.”

Lancaster County officials announced the announcement Monday. Officials said the Lancaster County Council had condemned the post as offensive.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ghent apologized in writing to Lancaster County Fire Department officials. The apology states that Gent tried to hit the media after a deadly shooting by police in Ohio.

Lancaster County Administrator Steve Willis confirmed that the apology came from Ghent and apologized in its entirety to The Herald.

Apologizing, Ghent apologized to the Lancaster County Community for his mistake, knowing that he had offended blacks with that position.

The statement apologized to Booth Gent.

“I would like to apologize to the community of Lancaster, all over the country,” the statement said. “The post I made on Facebook was not intended to attack you, it was just a blow to the media.”

In apologizing, the latter said: “My father instilled in me that the police should be respected and honored, no matter what. The media did everything they could to get them to dodge history and ratings. After police shot and killed a teenage girl who was trying to kill another girl, the media reported that she had gone too far. But if he allowed him to kill the other girl, they would say he should have done more. The police cannot win these violent confrontations. I lost it, I made that post. The wording was very inappropriate, but the anger blinded my judgment.

“I would also like to apologize to my family, the fire department, the Lancaster County Fire Department and the Lancaster County Governors. I hope my actions did not harm you. I have served the people of Lancaster County for over 40 years. I do not see the color I serve in the residents. Whoever I call, I help with dignity and respect. I have many black friends and relatives whom I have probably offended. I’m really sorry

“I made a mistake, I’m sorry for that. I apologize again. “

Ghent also apologized in an interview with WSOC-TV on Tuesday afternoon.

The relationship between the police and the “African-American people” has become a hot spot throughout the United States after law enforcement officers shot and killed several black people. On April 20, Minnesota Police Officer Derek Shavin was found guilty of killing black George Floyd Floyd.

An Ohio teenage girl has since been shot dead, and a Pashtun man has been shot dead by sheriff’s deputies near Elizabeth City, south of Virginia Beach, WA.

These incidents have attracted the attention of the international media.

Willis, Lancaster County Administrator, said district officials did not accept the Facebook post. Willis says Gent, who has been volunteering for four decades, is not a paid employee of the county. The county could not tell the McDonald Green Fire Department to reprimand Gent or take any action, Willis said.

The Lancaster County Council issued the following statement:

“On Monday, April 26, Lancaster County learned of an offensive post by a volunteer firefighter on social media serving an independent fire service. Lancaster County Council և Lancaster County strongly condemns the social media message as its content contradicts the values ​​and beliefs of the Lancaster County Government. The county has received questions about possible disciplinary or personnel actions.

“Lancaster County volunteer firefighters are not Lancaster County staff or volunteers, but instead join their own independent volunteer fire departments. Accordingly, the district can not be subject to any disciplinary action. However, the Lancaster County Council takes this issue very seriously and urges the fire department to resolve it. “

It remains unclear when members of the McDonald Green Fire Department will meet to discuss Gent’s Facebook post օր five days after his apology.

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